Would You Rather Questions

Best Would You Rather Questions

When you need a game for your group, but you didn’t bring one with you, asking “would you rather” questions is a fun way to spend your time with friends. These will even be great for times when you are far from friends and loved ones. These are fun to use via texting or video chats. Our list starts off with the funny options that may help you break the ice with people in your group. The questions get deeper and harder to answer as the list goes on.

Questions like these can be the start of some great stories or sharing of ideas. These questions can even help you get to know someone in the group you may not know very well. You don’t even have to use the questions in order. If you know the people you are playing with better, you may start with the deeper questions right off the bat, so here is a list of our best would you rather questions to help you get started.

Best Would You Rather Questions

To use this list, simply click on the type of questions you would like to see first and start there. This list allows you to be in the game for as long or as little as you like, so time constraints are not an issue. We include would you rather questions that are Funny | Clean | Gross | Food-oriented | Good | Weird | Hard or Deep. Enjoy!


Funny Would You Rather Questions

Here is a series of hilarious questions to ask friends, family, and even people you may be meeting for the first time.

1. Would you rather have constant bad body odor or farts that are always loud and stinky?

Smelliness will make them laugh every time.

2. Would you rather have hair that cannot be plucked growing out of your nose or out of your ears?

Maybe you like facial hair…

3. Would you rather use toilet paper made of sandpaper or never wipe yourself?

It’ll probably depend on how comfortable you are with discomfort.

4. Would you rather have your voice always shouting or always whispering?

Have your friends show you how loud and soft they can speak to help them decide.

5. Would you rather have a permanent bad haircut or permanent bad hair color?

Does everyone agree on what a bad cut looks like or which colors are constituted as bad? Either way, picturing your friends with bad cuts or colors is sure to give you a chuckle.

6. Would you rather share your house with a family of rats or with your parents forever?

Will this question be funny or hit a sore spot for you and your friends? (If your parents are playing with you, maybe you should skip this question.) 

7. Would you rather suddenly become a CEO of a major company or suddenly be elected a senator? You will only have the knowledge you currently have about how to be/do either of these positions.

It might end up being a little like the movie Freaky Friday, right?

8. Would you rather only be able to wear a wedding dress/tuxedo every single day or just a bathing suit every single day?

The climate where you live may help you figure this one out. A swimsuit at a wedding would be quite a spectacle!

9. Would you rather have to keep moving whenever it is sunny or be unable to move your body every time it’s overcast?

People living in Washington state will be totally bored, while people in the Bahamas will get so worn out! 

10. Would you rather have to give a fist/elbow bump to everyone you meet or have to give wedgies to anyone in a green shirt?

Just imagine what that will look like to everyone around you, especially if you live in a city with lots of people! 

11. Would you rather have to fart after every kiss or burp loudly after every serious conversation?

This will be the ultimate test of how much someone loves you!

12. Would you rather walk around the whole day with a giant brown stain on the back of your pants or realize that an important paper/project was due yesterday?

Which is more embarrassing? Failing academically or socially? Both of these are at stake here.

13. Would you rather have one extra nipple or one extra belly button?

These are some funky birth defects! Can you picture it? Can you think of how either of these would be helpful to you in life?

14. Would you rather be a character in a scary thriller movie or a romantic comedy?

Or maybe we should picture some horror characters being in romantic comedies. Now that would be a funny movie premise!

15. Would you rather be 11 inches tall or 15 feet tall?

If you really want to do some good research before answering this question, I recommend watching “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” (1981) and the 1958 hit “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.” Both are Oscar quality (insert sarcasm)! Haha! Enjoy!

16. Would you rather work a shift with only your annoying boss or spend a full day with your mother-in-law?

Oh my! I can just hear all your mother-in-law jokes now!

17. Would you rather be gassy on your wedding night or first date?

Some may argue this belongs in the gross category. Others seem to think it’s funny. What do you think?

18. Would you rather have to wear every shirt or every pair of pants inside out?

I think I’ve seen rap artists doing this in the ‘90s or something…

19. Would you rather be able to talk to your dog/cat or for your dog/cat to be able to talk to you—and everyone thinks you’re nuts?

Woof! Woof! Meow! Meow! Got it?

20. Would you rather have a mullet or be bald (no wigs allowed!) for a year?

Hey! Some of us more cultured folk know that the mullet is a cut for all time & every occasion. Business in the front & party in the back!

21. Would you rather always declare your name on the way into or cartwheel your way out of a room?

Which would you prefer? Lots of big head rushes or just coming off as generally having a big-headed attitude?

22. Would you rather tell someone their new baby is ugly or their new spouse is ugly?

I hope there aren’t any of you out there who have ever done either of these two things, but you may see people trying to avoid doing it in sit-coms.

23. Would you rather have a voice that sounds like Janice from Friends or snort each time you laugh?

Ah, yes, I can hear your Janice impressions already! And some of my greatest friends snort when they laugh. So funny!

24. Would you rather have eyes as big as baseballs or eyes as small as peas?

Y’all are starting to look like cartoon characters! I can’t tell if it’s funny or creepy!

25. Would you rather be known as someone who crop-dusts or someone who never pays waiters/waitresses a tip?

We aren’t talking about crop-dusting planes here!

26. Would you rather accidentally drop your phone down a toilet bowl or a garbage dumpster?

I’ve always wanted to try dumpster-diving!

27. Would you rather kiss your own dog’s butt or kiss the face of a street dog (you don’t know where it’s been)?

Generally, try to avoid kissing animals at all. They’re walking cesspools.

28. Would you rather wear flip-flops to a meeting or a formal suit/dress to bed?

Gucci makes some really extravagant slides, or so I hear.

29. Would you rather still be bathed by your mom or your grandma?

Don’t forget to bring your rubber duckies, dinosaur figurines, and plastic submarines!

30. Would you rather fart every three minutes or have to sit on a toilet seat for three days straight?

Might as well enjoy your time on the throne…

31. Would you rather have hairy or smelly armpits?

Might wanna’ think about stockpiling deodorant for this one.

32. Would you rather have abnormally long feet or abnormally short legs?

Get sponsored by Nike and you’ll get all the coolest, personalized shoes you could ever want.

33. Would you rather have a dog that behaves like a bird or a dog that’s terrified of birds?

“Benji, do NOT jump out of that tree!!”

34. Would you rather update your Facebook relationship status to single (when you’re still in a relationship) or find out your partner updated theirs to married (even though you’re not married)?

Open communication is important–especially, through your Facebook feed.

35. Would you rather sing or rap everything you want to say?

You could be the next Lin-Manuel Miranda.

36. Would you rather wear your grandma’s wig or your grandpa’s orthopedic tennis shoes to school/work?

I hear dad sneakers are in style nowadays.

37. Would you rather work as a completely poor stand-up comedian or a wealthy clown?

Can money make up for lost dignity?

38. Would you rather have weird (borderline creepy) dreams every night or never have dreams again?

A weird dream is how Star Wars was born. Just keep that in mind…

39. Would you rather sprout feathers or fish scales?

Penguins get the best of both worlds with this one.

40. Would you rather try to carry water in a basket or with a spoon?

Who needs water balloons when you’ve got a nice set of spoons?

41. Would you rather only have a dirty doggy bed to use for a pillow or a full, used trash bag?

Might want to consider wearing a nose plug to bed.

42. Would you rather babysit an infant that’s constantly screaming, crying, and pooping, or a destructive toddler with severe anger issues?

Quick! Call in Super Nanny!

43. Would you rather meet an alien by accident on Earth and be responsible for helping it find its way home or be kidnapped to a new planet by some aliens?

There’s got to be some upside to this. Maybe you’ll get powers!

44. Would you rather pee your pants but everyone believes you when you tell them it’s from sitting in a wet chair or sit in a wet chair but everyone believes you peed yourself?

If worse comes to worst, you could always do the smell check.

45. Would you rather have more or less gravity on earth?

Just imagine how socially acceptable it would be to lose your keys with zero gravity!

46. Would you rather that all your clothes fit too tightly or too loosely?

Turns out there are two types of people in this world.

47. Would you rather restart college or high school?

There are pros and cons to both.

48. Would you rather your crush or your parents were able to read your mind?

This’ll teach you some self-control if nothing else will.

49. Would you rather be the best swimmer on your school’s team or the best artist?

The tough choice between drawing a perfect butterfly or swimming one.

50. Would you rather lick your plate clean like a slobbery animal while at a meeting with your boss or a dinner with your significant other’s parents?

But sometimes the food is just TOO good to resist…

51. Would you rather run a marathon once every five years with no training beforehand whatsoever or be forced to jog for an hour every day for the rest of your life?

I think some people already do this by choice.

52. Would you rather have no tongue or one that is so long it is constantly sticking out of your mouth?

You’d never have to scrape out the bottom of your bowl again.

53. Would you rather have eyes too big for your face or ears too big for your head?

You’d be a one-man circus act: Live-action Caricatures…

54. Would you rather grow hair on the palms of your hands or the bottoms of your feet?

Forget about frostbite! You’ve got hair to spare.

55. Would you rather be trapped in the movie Jurassic Park or Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Either way, you can kiss your dreams of a peaceful retirement goodbye!

56. Would you rather save the world from a zombie apocalypse or an invading alien species?

We’ve gotta chill with the doomsday questions, amirite?

57. Would you rather wear two different sizes of shoes on each foot or two different lengths of pant leg on each leg?

If you know how to use a sewing machine, the second would be a good April Fool’s prank.

58. Would you rather have really dumb, friendly coworkers that work hard or intelligent coworkers with perpetual sticks up their butts?

This is a hard one, especially for all you normal people.

59. Would you rather get hot coffee poured over your head or freezing cold red Kool-aid?

Yeah, good luck getting that stain out!

60. Would you rather be forced to carry around a sack of potatoes or a sack of onions and tell everyone that asks you that you’re going to feed the poor right before taking a huge bite out of one?

Weird, but… charitable??

61. Would you rather fight five full-grown turkeys or an army of three hundred baby chicks?

Thanksgiving dinner PTSD is a real thing.

62. Would you rather find out at the age of 60 that you’ve been misspelling your significant other’s name for your entire relationship or find out at the age of 35 that you have been using a term of phrase in front of your coworkers in the wrong context your entire life?

We here at Endangered Emoji understand the full scope of horrifying realizations.

63. Would you rather relive the funniest day of your life or witness the most embarrassing day of your arch-enemy’s life?

If you answered the second one, you might just be a sociopath.

64. Would you rather steal candy from a baby or kick a tire so hard you sprain your big toe?

At the risk of everyone looking at you weird…

65. Would you rather live in a world where humans live in trees in giant nests or a world where we all live in burrows deep underground?

The ground is some dangerous territory if you really think about it.


Clean Would You Rather Questions

Keeping games G or PG-rated is important to many people, so here are some suggestions to help keep it clean.

1. Would you rather never stub your toe or never get a hangnail?

Which one is more painful for you?

2. Would you rather be a ninja or a samurai?

They are both highly honored in Asia, but you may need to learn more about their duties to answer this one well.

3. Would you rather play Minecraft or Fortnite?

If you are not aware of what these games are, just ask any 10-year-old.

4. Would you rather wrestle a bear or a tiger?

Davey Crockett was known for “wrasslin’ bars” and Tarzan was able to take down tigers. Which one would you rather be like?

5. Would you rather forget who you are every time you walk into a room or always forget why you came into the room in the first place?

For some people, that second choice already happens all the time in real life!

6. Would you rather have the same clothes forever or the same haircut forever?

We probably already know people who have had the same haircut and clothes for forever!

7. Would you rather play a good game of checkers or chess?

Board games are always a great way to enjoy one another’s company, but which game here would be best? Do you know how to play either one?

8. Would you rather be able to survive like a fish underwater or live like a bird, flying safely in the air?

Has anyone ever heard of flying fish?

9. Would you rather be best friends with your favorite fictional character or your favorite musician?

Of course, this is assuming both are nice, friendly people…

10. Would you rather have to wash your dishes with shampoo or wash your hair with dish soap?

This is definitely the cleanest question in this section. Get it…cleanest?

11. Would you rather be a famous scientist or a famous painter?

Scientific minds and artistic minds are quite different from each other. Which one do you see yourself as?

12. Would you rather see 10 minutes into the future or 150 years from now?

What you do will certainly impact the future that is 10 minutes away, but will it impact 150 years away from your life? Which one do you want to see when making life’s choices?

13. If aliens make first contact on earth, would you rather they be robotic or organic?

This will probably depend on what their capabilities are.

14. Would you rather be an animal whose skin is covered in fur or covered in scales?

Armor or warmth, which will protect you the most?

15. Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 10 minutes early?

Does making others wait bother you enough or would you rather be the one waiting for them?

16. Would you rather never have to stand in line again or have all the traffic lights you approach be green?

Both save time, but which will help you more in your everyday life?

17. Would you rather have unlimited international first-class flights or always get free food at restaurants?

So, are you a homebody or adventurous? 

18. Would you rather only be able to get around on a donkey or a giraffe?

Is carrying heavy loads or having longer strides more important? These are the tough questions we must ask ourselves.

19. Would you rather be a famous director or a famous actor?

You are either the center of attention for millions or for just those on the set.

20. Would you rather be a doctor or a medical researcher?

Both are very busy these days, so which is your heart drawn to and why?

21. Would you rather be without search engines or social media?

Which one do you think you could live without? Is one more crucial in life than another?

22. Would you rather get a paper cut on your index finger daily or get something stiff stuck in your teeth daily?

Ouch on both of those! Bleeding finger or bleeding gums? Which is worse?

23. Would you rather have precipitation be only snow or only rain?

Which one do you find it harder to drive-in? Which one is more fun to play in? Lots to consider with this question.

24. Would you rather have earbuds/headphones that never fit right in your ears or have the music always slightly too quiet or slightly too loud?

All choices in this scenario are annoying, but if you had to choose just one, which would it be?

25. Would you rather be colorblind or have mild but constant tinnitus (ringing in the ears)?

Sight or sound, which is more important to you?

26. Would you rather wake up in the middle of the Sahara or wake up in a rowboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

Does anyone have survival skills that could help you out in these situations?

27. Would you rather live a life full of conflict, entertainment, and business in a mansion in a city or live a comfortable and peaceful life in the woods in a small cabin without much human interaction?

Introverts vs. Extroverts or City folk vs. Country Folk; the battle is on!

28. Would you rather humans go to the moon again or to Mars for the first time?

This’ll get you thinking about the pros and cons of each mission. Is there more we should study and more advances we should make before attempting Mars, or do you think we are ready for that trip?

29. Would you rather be famous for inventing a deadly new weapon or invent something that helps the world but someone else gets all the credit for inventing it?

What do you want your legacy to be? Do you want the public to remember you for something awful or is the benefit of humanity worth losing your notoriety? 

30. Would you rather find all your missing socks or five dollars on the ground?

It probably depends on how much those socks cost. How many missing socks do you have?

31. Would you rather be able to time travel or stop time?

A win-win choice, but which one could be the most helpful in your life?

32. Would you rather meet George Washington or Joan of Arc?

Both were so wise, but who do you want to hear from?

33. Would you rather work 10 hours per day, 4 days a week or work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week?

3 day weekends are a nice thought, but those longer days may get the better of you.

34. Would you rather master any musical instrument or any weapon?

Which one will help you most? If you live in fear, the weapon is the obvious choice. If you want to make a living in the symphony, the instrument is best.

35. Would you rather be Batman or Spiderman?

Want to fly through the air via wings or webs? Which hero has better abilities?

36. Would you rather spend the night camping in a beautiful wilderness or living it up in a luxury hotel room?

City-folk vs. Country-folk. Which break would help you feel the most rejuvenated?

37. Would you rather explore space or the ocean?

Are you an astronaut or aquanaut?

38. Would you rather go skydiving or bungee jumping?

They are both supposed to be thrilling. Both are dangerous. Some people will love either. Some people will enjoy neither. But if you have to choose, which would it be & why?

39. Would you rather have x-ray vision or magnified hearing?

Do you really want to see into people & things or are you ok with hearing things that weren’t meant to be heard by you?

40. Would you rather have a maid or a cook?

Which do you enjoy more, cleaning or cooking?

41. Would you rather be the first child in your family or the last?

Which child gets more attention, trips, perks, privileges? The opinions will probably be all over the place on this one!

42. Would you rather live on the top floor of a tall NYC apartment building or at the top of a mountain in a cabin?

How much do you like people vs. animals? Of course, some would argue that NYC is a concrete jungle.

43. Would you rather have to sew all your own clothes or grow your own food?

Do any of you do this? Are you more of a green thumb or a thimble thumb?

44. Would you rather be on a dating game show or a survival reality show?

If you’re married already, you’d better be ready to become a survivalist!

45. Would you rather spend the day with your favorite athlete or your favorite actor?

Which ones have the greatest influence on your life? Do any of them really have an impact on you and your choices? Who would you choose for your day?

46. Would you rather go on a blind date or go on a date with someone you met online?

Which do you trust more, your friends who set you up or an algorithm that says you should be compatible?

47. Would you rather be 4’6” or 7’6”?

Hmmm…Is it better to be a short grown-up or a tall one? Short people, what are the advantages & disadvantages of being short? Tall people share as well.

48. Would you rather interview your favorite president of the United States or your favorite movie star?

Think first of who you would want to interview then think of what they each might be able to teach you. Who will be more helpful for you in your life?

49. Would you rather spend the next year free from all taxes or have a month-long paid vacation?

This one probably depends on how much you make each month vs how many taxes you pay in a year. Remember, this includes sales, income, property, etc. taxes.

50. Would you rather spend the day at the beach or at an amusement park?

Natural or man-made fun, do you enjoy one more than the other? Do you enjoy the serenity of the ocean and sun or the thrill of the roller coasters?

51. Would you rather be locked for three days in your city library or an amusement park?

Bookworms have an easy answer to this. For those who want the amusement park, it’s surely a different experience when you are the only one there.

52. Would you rather be chronically overdressed or under-dressed?

Which one will make you feel more socially awkward? 

53. Would you rather spend an afternoon flying your favorite kite or taking a ride on your sweet scooter?

Feel the wind in your hair and dodge the trees.

54. Would you rather buy 10 things you don’t need every time you shop or always forget the most important thing that you needed?

If you’re rich, this is no problem to have extra stuff. Just give it away. If you’re poor, it’s a tougher choice.

55. Would you rather invent a new world language or establish an international holiday?

For cosplay fans, this is an easy choice.

56. Would you rather be an extra in an Oscar-winning Best Picture or the lead in a box-office bomb?

This sounds like a lose-lose situation. No matter what, you probably won’t be remembered, but do you care?

57. Would you rather become a world-famous singer or an Oscar-winning actor?

Hollywood can make or break you. Try not to get too cocky.

58. Would you rather cuddle a cute koala or pal around with a petite panda?

Either way, I think I’d be in heaven! It makes me happy just thinking about doing either of these!

59. Would you rather be able to have a conversation with an animal or control the weather?

So the choices are to join the X-men or get into a political debate with your illiterate dog. Is this even a question?

60. Would you rather be a famous painter or an accomplished dancer?

Let’s make culture!

61. Would you rather be fluent in every language or master every instrument?

They say music is the universal language, right?

62. Would you rather win $50,000 or your best friend win $100,000?

Well, how generous is your best friend?


Gross Would You Rather Questions

Some people would rather avoid gross things, but some people get a kick out of them. Find out which side of the spectrum your friends fall on with these questions.

1. Would you rather swim 100 meters through poop or human cadavers?

Well, you wanted gross? You got it!

2. Would you rather pull out all of your teeth or all of your hair?

Maybe this should be in the “Hard” category because choosing which beautiful thing to pull out is hard to decide.

3. Would you rather have a small rock in all your shoes or have to scrape dog poop off of them every day?

This decision is a hard and crappy one…

4. Would you rather have snot that tastes like chocolate or saliva that tastes like earwax?

Chocolate lovers unite! Unless you’re more of an earwax kind of person.

5. Would you rather vomit for one minute every hour (for 24 hours) after you hear the happy birthday song or have diarrhea that lasts for the rest of the day after you’ve heard it?

I’m grateful this is not actually a choice we have to make because it certainly is gross!

6. Would you rather give up one month of bathing or use of the internet?

Personally, I don’t know anyone who’s gone a month without bathing, but I’m certain it would be pretty gross.

7. Would you rather have to burp loudly in public each hour or pass really smelly gas in public each hour?

Some people find these funny, others do not, but would you be able to hold down a job if either were a problem for you?

8. Would you rather always have to clean locker room bathrooms or a restaurant’s dishes?

Janitors and busboys will understand why this question is in the “gross” category. I’m sure the rest of you can only imagine…

9. Would you rather have constantly crusty booger eyes or a constant runny nose?

If either of these is your problem, you should probably go get an allergy test. If both of these are your problem, you’ll never be able to take good selfies!

10. Would you rather have fast-growing all-over body hair or a strong, pungent body odor?

One will get you into a circus freak show and one will get you kicked out of it!

11. Would you rather clean septic tanks or work in a slaughterhouse for a living?

That guy from the “Dirty Jobs” show has probably done both and could give you some really good advice on this one, but if you don’t know him personally, this could be a tough decision. We need to be grateful for people who are willing to do these jobs, though.

12. Would you rather you never have to poop again or never have to pee again?

With that shortage or toilet paper that happened during the COVID-19 outbreak, I know which one I would choose!

13. Would you rather have raging diarrhea at a concert or your wedding?

I think I’d put off the wedding or concert-going or I’d have to wear an adult diaper & just bear it!

14. Would you rather lick a filthy trash can or the bathroom floor?

Which one do you think will make you less sick afterward?

15. Would you rather your hero vomit on you or you vomit on your hero?

I hope none of you are ever in either of these situations! So, who do you want to have apologizing, you to your hero or your hero to you?

16. Would you rather wear the same socks for a month or the same underwear for a week?

Ummm…ever been to summer camp?

17. Would you rather never clip your toenails or never shower again?

Keep the body odor to a minimum, and watch those crusty bad boys grow.

18. Would you rather always have body odor you don’t realize you have or always have a magnified smell of everyone else’s body odor?

A world without any effective deodorants! Definitely gross!

19. Would you rather find a fat rat in your kitchen or a giant hissing cockroach in your bed?

Aaaaaaaaaaah! Oh, it’s just hypothetical.

20. Would you rather buy all used underwear or all used toothbrushes?

There are ways to clean both, but I’m still glad they don’t sell these at second-hand stores or yard sales.

21. Would you rather sleep in a dirty doghouse or let 5 stray dogs sleep in your bed?

Germophobes might leave your “Would You Rather” game at this point!

22. Would you rather swallow a beetle or get stung by a bee?

Ugh, eat your greens and leave the dang bugs alone!!

23. Would you rather drink an entire gallon of sour milk or eat a dozen rotten eggs?

Vomit-induction made simple, fast, and easy!!

24. Would you rather swallow a live worm or a dead spider?

Perks: extra protein! Cons: just try not to chew.

25. Would you rather constantly feel the urge to pee or never know when you have to pee and always have to wear a diaper?

Anyone having flashbacks to that first-grade accident? No? Just me?

26. Would you rather be locked in a room with a tarantula for an hour (but not know where the tarantula is) or eat a live worm?

What you don’t know won’t hurt you, so I guess this depends on whether you know the tarantula is in the room or not.

27. Would you rather always have knotted hair or sweaty armpits?

Messy hair, don’t care. It’s a look, right?

28. Would you rather fart out loud during a presentation or experience a really ugly sneeze attack (snot on the sleeve and all) on a great first date?

The human body and all its wonders never cease to amaze.

29. Would you rather have explosive diarrhea every time you meet your boss or every time you meet your partner’s parents?

Don’t get your panties in a twist, just keep those baby wipes on hand!

30. Would you rather crap yourself in private every day for the rest of your life or crap your pants in public once a year for the rest of your life?

There are no good choices here.

31. Would you rather have uncontrollable gas on every first date for the rest of your life or uncontrollable gas at work for the rest of your life?

Things are about to get stinky…

32. Would you rather have bad acne that is only on areas normally covered with clothing or moderate acne just on your face?

You’ll have to decide which pain is harder to endure, physical or emotional.

33. Would you rather have a nice straight smile with deep yellow teeth or pearly white super crooked teeth?

Pretend that there is not a fix for either problem. Ugh!

34. Would you rather show up to work one day in your underwear or pee yourself during your own presentation in front of all your coworkers?

Both are embarrassing. Both are gross. Which is worse for you?

35. Would you rather permanently smell like gasoline or nail polish?

Well, there are some people who like the smell of both of these, so does this question really belong in the “gross” category?

36. Would you rather sleep in dirty sheets for the rest of your life or only be able to shower once every three weeks?

Prepare for greasy hair and some new and exotic flavors of BO.

37. Would you rather constantly smell like gasoline or nail polish remover?

Just have an extra flammable personality to match the aromatic aesthetic.

38. Would you rather fart really loud every time you laugh or tear up and get sniffly every time you speak?

Just blame it on the allergies.

39. Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?

Would a handstand just be a regular-stand?

40. Would you rather lick a person’s face every time they shake your hand or scream “I didn’t wash my hands!” to all of your coworkers every time you come out of the bathroom?

This could go in the ‘weird’ category, but there’s a lot of face-licking grossness to this question, too.

41. Would you rather peel off a hobo’s scabs with your bare hands or suck on sweaty socks?

If this one makes you gag, just know that you’re not the only one.

42. Would you rather slurp up someone else’s steamy vomit through a straw once or only be able to drink liquids that have your own old, crusty vomit swirled in them every day for the rest of your life?

There’s no way you didn’t resist the urge to vomit while reading this question.

43. Would you rather make out with a public toilet seat or lick the floor of a porta-potty?

These just keep getting grosser and grosser.

44. Would you rather be forced to wear a poop-scented fake mustache for a month or have your breath reek like rotten eggs for the rest of your life?

Chewing gum will not save you…

45. Would you rather fall into a pit of clipped toenails or, every time you sneeze, it comes out in big, bloody globs of snot?

Yeah, you might want to consider seeing a physician about that…

46. Would you rather eat someone’s goopy eye boogers or drink a shot of your own urine?

Take consolation in the knowledge that you are responsible for what you put in your own body, but you have no idea what someone else puts in theirs. And, as everyone knows, what goes in, must come out.

47. Would you rather roll in dog feces or swim in cat urine?

Let’s just NOT.

48. Would you rather rip your own thumbnail off with a fork or stick a toothpick under your big toe and kick a wall?

The cringe is real.

49. Would you rather swallow a stranger’s earwax or use a stranger’s toenails as toothpicks?

The human body is a fascinating specimen… until you’re picking it out from between your teeth.

50. Would you rather wear a pair of someone else’s poop-stained underwear or use someone else’s toothbrush?

Just go about your day. You don’t actually have to think too hard about doing either of these things. Just pretend everything is fine.

51. Would you rather always have a huge loogie hanging out of your nose or have the most pungent body odor anyone has ever smelled?

This brings me back to seventh grade, when things were a lot simpler and the lines between adulthood and childhood were blurred just enough to scar us all for life.

52. Would you rather have bed bugs or pink-eye for the rest of your life?

Talk about seeing the world through rose-colored lenses… ew.

53. Would you rather lick someone’s armpit or have someone else lick your armpit?

If you have good hygiene, this is kind of an easy question.

54. Would you rather poop every time you sit down or pee every time you stand up?

No amount of adult diapers can save you now.

55. Would you rather have maggots chew through your body from the inside out or ants from the outside in?

Kinda gruesome and morbid, but gross enough to make it into our list.

56. Would you rather eat all the drain hair from a stranger’s shower or drink a full cup of their saliva?

We can all imagine the gag reflex. This is the kind of question you ask someone you legitimately despise.

57. Would you rather have the constant feeling of a pebble in your shoes or crumbs in your bedsheets?

Not gross, per say, but aggravating to the max.

58. Would you rather your skin started rotting off like a dead person but all your internal organs still work or have all of your internal organs start melting and rotting inside your body while you still look alive on the outside?

No need for a Halloween costume this year, kiddos!

59. Would you rather step on a rusty nail and it go through your foot while walking through a haunted house or get a head start running from a psychotic killer in a dark forest?

Speaking of Halloween…

60. Would you rather eat a handful of clean sand or get a handful of dirty beach sand thrown in your eyes?

Might want to rethink your Miami Spring Break plan after this.

61. Would you rather eat meat raw or rotten?

Salmonella only kills about 420 people in the US per year, so raw is safer, right?

62. Would you rather have a baby vomit on you or you vomit on a baby?

If the first happens, the second is very likely to. Just saying.

63. Would you rather bite your tongue so hard it bleeds or bite you cheek so hard it swells up and you get a bunch of cold sores from it?

At the risk of cold sores, we highly advise you to pay attention to your teeth.

64. Would you rather eat sweaty armpit hair or nose hair with globby snot in it?

If this doesn’t make you rethink your definition of ‘gross’, I don’t know what will.

65. Would you rather find out after the end of a meal that someone spat in your food or that they put their toenail clippings into your food?

So, I’m noticing a trend. The grossest things mostly include ingestion of someone else’s bodily waste.

66. Would you rather have to use a stranger’s toilet to go diarrhea or have a stranger use your toilet to go diarrhea?

Let’s all keep our toilets to ourselves, thank you very much.

67. Would you rather lick a stranger’s scab or swallow one of your own?

These choices just keep getting more brutal…

68. Would you rather take a sneeze to the face from a stranger or sneeze in the face of your crush?

How down and dirty are you willing to get for a chance at romance?

69. Would  you rather have the constant taste of bile in your mouth or the constant smell of farts in your nose?

Either way, nothing you eat will taste good ever again.

70. Would you rather eat feces that tastes like chocolate, or eat chocolate that tastes like poop?

This leads right into the food category.


Food Would You Rather Questions

Eating is a bonding experience and everyone has their opinions about the food they eat, so learn more about the opinions of your friends with these questions.

1. Would you rather eat thick or thin clam chowder?

Where you were raised in America will probably make the difference of opinion here.

2. Would you rather eat boogers or ear wax?

Maybe someone out there actually thinks these are both good, but that’s doubtful.

3. Would you rather have turkey or ham for every Christmas and Thanksgiving for the rest of your life?

This is an important thing to decide. The right food can make or break any celebration, right?

4. Would you rather lose your sense of taste or your sense of smell?

Some people already have ageusia or anosmia, so they are exempt from this question.

5. Would you rather eat a side of dog treats or cat food with every meal?

You’ll probably find out who has actually tried these delectable dishes in the past.

6. Would you rather give up eating anything that was cooked in an oven or give up all drinks except for water?

Caffeine lovers will have a hard time with this one!

7. Would you rather be in a perpetual water balloon war or a perpetual food fight?

Either way, everyone would be a mess! Can you imagine?

8. Would you rather eat a sandwich made from 4 ingredients in your fridge chosen at random or eat a sandwich made by 4 of your friends from 4 ingredients in their fridges?

How much do you trust your friends to be nice to you on this one?

9. Would you rather never be able to eat vegetables or never be able to eat meat?

Vegans and vegetarians will find this question easy, but for the rest of us, not so much.

10. Would you rather be forced to eat only bland foods or spicy foods?

Which spice level do you usually choose at Asian restaurants? This will help you decide your answer to this question. 

11. Would you rather have to eat only unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life? (both are with any kind of ingredients you choose)

Asian or Latin, which food suits your fancy, and which could you be happy with for the rest of your life?

12. Would you rather never be able to drink sodas again or only have sodas available to drink?

This is tough one for people who find it hard to enjoy a meal or movie without a good soda on hand.

13. Would you rather have free Wi-Fi for the rest of your life or have unlimited free coffee for the rest of your life?

I bet I know which one coffee-lovers will choose!

14. Would you rather eat an egg with a partially-formed chicken embryo inside or eat ten cooked grasshoppers?

If you are from certain countries, you will find these to be a delicacy. If you are not, it may be time to expand your palette!

15. Would you rather live in a world where only rice exists & no bread or the other way around?

The uses for each are so different, but this choice will depend on what we were raised with.

16. Would you rather have unlimited theme park visits or eat unlimited from drive-through restaurants?

How good are the drive-through food joints near you? And even if they are good, would they be good for you?

17. Would you rather super-sensitive smell or super-sensitive taste?

Would either of these abilities really be that helpful in life? 

18. Would you rather have everything you eat be too salty or never salty enough?

If you don’t like salty flavors, this is easier. When things are too salty, that may cause health problems, so which will you choose?

19. Would you rather eat a ketchup sandwich or a Siracha sandwich?

These are oozing with sauce! Which is your favorite? Which could you stomach?

20. Would you rather eat a box of dry spaghetti noodles or two cups of uncooked rice?

I hope nobody loses a tooth trying to figure out their answer to this one! And remember that both soak up stomach juices after being eaten, so be careful not to let your stomach get too full if you eat this stuff.

21. Would you rather eat a spoonful of wasabi or a ghost pepper?

If you want to try these to get your answer, be sure to have vanilla ice cream and lots of tissues on hand!

22. Would you rather be a great opera singer or a gourmet chef?

Music or food, can anyone really choose between the two? What would be the most fun for you to do?

23. Would you rather swim in a pool filled with Nutella or a pool full of maple syrup?

Realistically, could you really swim well in either or do you think you would drown?

24. Would you rather eat a dozen donuts or a bucketful of candy?

Better watch those blood glucose levels…

25. Would you rather have a house-maid or a personal chef?

Which do you hate more, cleaning or cooking? Imagine being wealthy and being able to have both…..Nice, right?

26. Would you rather never get to eat watermelon ever again or have to eat watermelon with every meal?

It does have a lot of vitamin C, right? Just make sure you don’t get bloated from overeating it.

27. Would you rather eat a whole lime or a raw potato?

Pinch your nose and close your eyes, cause it’s about to get sour.

28. Would you rather hunt, skin, drain, butcher and package all your own meat or never eat meat again?

Some would invite such a challenge. Others would become vegetarian/vegan.

29. Would you rather eat only your favorite food for a year or not eat any of your favorite food for five years?

Before you answer, think carefully about how much you love your favorite food and how healthy it would or wouldn’t help you to be.

30. Would you rather have 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife or always have 10,000 knives when all you need is a spoon?

Get it? Any ‘90s music fans? Can anyone say this question is ironic?

31. Would you rather empty out a jar of mayonnaise with a spoon in under two minutes or chug an entire bottle of hot sauce in under one minute?

We here at Endangered Emoji would advise against turning this particular question into a session of Truth or Dare.

32. Would you rather swim in a pool of chocolate pudding or vanilla ice cream?

Make sure to tie those swimsuit strings tight!!

33. Would you rather eat an entire pizza or two Family-sized bags of chips?

The lazy Saturday nights and binge-watching Netflix type of weekends. Yeah, we all have ‘em.

34. Picture yourself at a Fourth of July block party. Would you rather have a hamburger or a hot dog for dinner?

Both are good with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, so it’s a win-win either way.

35. Would you rather have french fries as a side or chocolate cake for dessert?

This depends on whether you’re more of a sweet tooth or a sucker for savory snacks.

36. Would you rather have pizza or ice cream for every meal?

Toppings range from sausage to chocolate sauce, and everything in between.

37. Would you rather have a fancy dinner in the Eiffel tower or breakfast in a fantastic castle?

Some people don’t know this, but there’s a fancy restaurant at the top of the Eiffel tower, and yes, they do serve baguettes.

38. Would you rather give up fast food or sweets?

Cravings come and go, but McDonald’s is forever.

39. Would you rather quit all forms of social media or eat the same lunch every day for the rest of your life?

You can never go wrong with a croissant, though, am I right?

40. Would you rather be able to eat everything you ever wanted and still have a healthy, fit body, or buy everything you want and never run out of money?

I like these questions where you can be amazingly happy in either choice.

41. Would you rather have to eat the exact thing prepared the same exact way every single day but it’s free, or be able to eat whatever you want but the price is double the going rate?

For creatures of habit, this is a no-brainer!

42. Would you rather permanently give up salts or sweets?

Popcorn or chocolate? Chips or cookies? What would happen to trail mixes?!?

43. Would you rather be permanently thirsty or always nauseous?

Should this question be in the “hard” section? I think so…

44. Would you rather eat at a dive joint or a 5-star restaurant?

Where will you get the most full if the food is free? Where does the best food really reside?

45. Would you rather live in a world where water tastes like rotten milk or food tastes like dirty socks (without their actual essences changing)?

Pro tip: pinch your nose and the smell isn’t so bad.

46. Would you rather give up breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Does this include 2nd or 3rd breakfast?

47. Would you rather have to eat the same exact thing every single day for free or be able to eat whatever you want but have to pay double the price for it?

For all the cheapskates out there, can you stomach it?

48. Would you rather your cocoa be too hot or too cold?

Chocolate milk does a body good.

49. Would you rather go 90 days without your cell phone or your entire life without any desserts/treats?

My connections or my treats? Shouldn’t this question be in the “hard” section?

50. Would you rather eat gross food for a month or eat only one thing that you definitely like for the rest of your life?

You have to really think here. Maybe you could handle eating the same thing every day, but how long would the rest of your life be if you did?

51. Would you rather never eat Christmas cookies ever again or never eat Halloween candy ever again?

Which one is your favorite holiday?

52. Would you rather chew on glass or metal?

Yummy snacks if you like a broken jaw or the taste of blood in your mouth. Yikes.

53. Would you rather all types of seasonings (salt and pepper included) suddenly vanished and you could never put them on your food ever again or have everything you eat be seasoned to the point of inducing your gag reflex?

This is truly an impossible choice.

54. Would you rather be banned from eating all forms of pastries until you die or never be able to eat a cookie ever again?

If Oreos are considered cookies, I will not be okay.

55. Would you rather choose chicken nuggets or mozzarella sticks?

Gotta get good on them chicken nuggies.

56. Would you rather drink hot chocolate in the summer or have ice cream in the winter?

Comfort food has no season.

57. Would you rather give up apples or bananas?

Unfortunately, this includes apple pie and banana bread.

58. Would you rather french fries were never invented or pizza never left Italy?

This is definitely a world I would not want to live in.

59. Would you rather give up Chinese food or Italian food?

No pasta or no kung pao chicken. The audacity of this question!

60. Would you rather not be allowed to eat pancakes with syrup or not be allowed to eat french fries with ketchup or barbecue sauce?

I always preferred waffles anyway.

61. Would you rather eat a burger and fries without the bun or eat a burger and bun without a side of fries?

This sounds like a trick question.

62. Would you rather become allergic to chocolate or chips?

Chocoholism is a real thing, but at least it makes our choice easier.

63. Would you rather eat an entire batch of cookie dough or an entire batch of brownie batter all by yourself?

You might wanna reconsider adding any raw eggs to those mixes.

64. Would you rather live in a world without Pad Thai or a world without sushi?

If you’ve never had Pad Thai, just skip over this question.

65. Would you rather live in a world where the only thing to eat is tasteless kale or literal grass (but you’re allowed to put salad dressing on it)?

If you think about it, what is the essence of a salad, really?

66. Would you rather have guacamole or queso with your nachos?

Cheeses come and go, but guac is forever.

67. Would you rather be forced to go to the gym for two hours every day in order for pizza to continue to exist or not have to go to the gym every day, but pizza ceases to exist?

Make this your New Years’ Resolution.

68. Would you rather have pancakes or crepes?

Nutella goes good on both!

69. Would you rather eat a box of Milk Duds or a bucket of popcorn in the movie theater?

It kinda depends on the genre. Popcorn is not conducive to jump scares.

70. Would you rather live in a world without tacos or without burritos?

Aren’t you glad we don’t actually live in a world where we have to choose?


Good Would You Rather Questions

These questions keep the variety going in a game of Would You Rather.

1. Would you rather use $500 to buy a gaming system with games or to feed and clothe a homeless person for a month?

Priorities will be revealed.

2. Would you rather sleep for 2 years straight and never need sleep again or sleep for up to 8 hours each night, but still feel sleepy daily?

They may love their sleep more than experiencing life.

3. Would you rather marry a sweet ugly-looking person or a mean beautiful-looking person?

Thankfully, these are not usually our only two options.

4. Would you rather have the power to make time speed up or make time stop?

This one will start your wheels turning…..or will it stop them?

5. Would you rather vape or smoke?

Some people will choose neither, but if you had to, which would it be?

6. Would you rather live surrounded by all Democrats or all Republicans?

Maybe save this one for people who will love you no matter which answer you give.

7. Would you rather live in the glade from Maze Runner or a district from Hunger Games?

You’ll need to make sure your game group has seen these movies. If not, maybe pause this game and have a movie night. Then you can have a good debate about this.

8. Would you rather choose to be born in 1900 or 1950?

This one will take into account your world-view, cultural preferences, need for comfort, and maybe even your music preferences.

9. Would you rather only be able to tell the truth or always have others tell you the truth?

People who value integrity might have an easy time answering.

10. Would you rather know when you will die or how you will die?

Which one would truly be more helpful to you? Or would you rather not know about either option?

11. Would you rather be stranded in a desert or in a tropical rainforest?

Survivalists will have a heyday with this question. The rest of us will not like either option.

12. Would you rather have to always watch your favorite show live including all the commercials, or be able to watch the show without commercials any time you want, but never get to see the ending?

You can still ask your friends about the endings, but is that ever as good as seeing it? How much do you like commercials? These are the important things to know about yourself, right?

13. Would you rather be unable to speak or read?

For people who hate reading, this should be an easy one….or will it be?

14. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or know the history of an object just by touching it?

You could end up being the best archaeologist/historian or the best veterinarian there ever was!

15. Would you rather be a leader of the nation in the present or a king of a large country 2500 years ago?

For Renaissance Fair fans, this is a no brainer! Some people like to have running water, though…

16. Would you rather live in a cave or in a treehouse?

Are you more into survival or being a kid again?

17. Would you rather be an amazing artist or a brilliant mathematician?

Which side of your brain would you rather use the most?

18. Would you rather always have to wear pants or always have to wear shorts?

It probably depends on where you live, but some people, even in my own family, have decided that shorts are appropriate in any weather! Do you have people like that in your family, too?

19. Would you rather live in a hut on the beach or in a cabin in the woods?

Are you more rustic or tropical? Woodsman or Beach Bum?

20. Would you rather give up watching TV/movies for a year or give up playing video games for a year?

This is probably an easy answer for adults and a harder answer for young kids.

21. Would you rather have free Wi-Fi wherever you go forever or always have full battery power for your phone/tablet?

If you are a homebody or quarantined, neither of these is an issue, but if you ever go out, you’ll find one or the other of these choices more useful.

22. Would you rather travel anywhere for 4 weeks a year all expenses paid or have $40,000 each year to spend on whatever you want besides travel?

If you have wanderlust or are a homebody, this may be the easiest question here…or is it?

23. Would you rather have everything in your house be perfectly organized by a professional or do you want to be the best professional organizer in the world?

OCD friends, can I get a “Woohoo”? People definitely will easily lean one way or the other on this question. There is probably very little gray area here. 

24. Would you rather live with only a manual clothes washing machine or without hot water for showers/baths?

Being without both is real for lots of people, but if you have the luxury to choose, which would it be?

25. Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people?

If you are an introvert, this is easy. If you are an extrovert, it becomes harder because you have to figure out how much irritation you are willing to put up with.

26. Would you rather be able to travel but unable to learn any different language or be unable to travel but fluent in all languages?

If you speak English, this may still work out for you to be able to travel, because lots of people in other countries know English. But there are many places where you can get swindled if you don’t speak their language. Hmmm…maybe this question should be in the “hard” category.

27. Would you rather be in history books for something bad you did or be forgotten after your death?

Does how people view you matter to you? Are you just wanting to be remembered for anything, or does that not even matter?

28. Would you rather work hard at an enjoyable job or hardly work at a job that you don’t like doing?

Your work ethic and how you view rewards will be revealed in answering this question.

29. Would you rather live in a house with glass walls in a city or in the middle of a forest far from anyone or anything?

You’d have to get creative with privacy if you’re in a house like that in the city, but the freedom of the forest can become lonely if left by yourself for long.

30. Would you rather get cash or gifts for your birthdays?

There really are only two kinds of people in this world, don’t ya know? Cash people and gift people…Which are you?

31. Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again?

Do you want everyone to know your thoughts or to never be able to say any of them?

32. Would you rather be proposed to in private or in front of family and friends?

Family & friends are a nice option, but it could turn embarrassing if the answer is no, right?

33. Would you rather live where it is always winter or where it is always summer?

Calling all snow bunnies and surfers to help us discuss this one.

34. Would you rather be in a suit or your pajamas all day?

Some people feel like they’ll get nothing done if they don’t dress up a bit, but others will refuse to dress each day if they don’t have to. Which are you?

35. Would you rather sing a song in front of friends or strangers?

I’ve sung in front of both and still don’t know which I would choose. What would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

36. Would you rather spend two weeks in a psychiatric hospital or an airport?

Either one could make you lose your marbles! Maybe this should be in the “hard” category…

37. Would you rather be given a lifetime supply of delicious books or delicious food?

One option feeds the mind and soul, the other feeds the body, so you must decide which is more important to you.

38. If you had to give up one thing for the rest of your life, would it be brushing your teeth or brushing your hair?

If you’re bald, this is a no-brainer! For the rest of us, smelly breath & rotting teeth or a rat’s nest on your head? Tough!

39. Would you rather have your debts gone or have good health for 10 years?

If you have made strong money choices, then the good health guarantee is the one to choose, but if you have lots of debt and health problems, this is a tougher choice.

40. Would you rather be known as a one-hit-wonder for a book or a song?

Which way are you more artistic? Writing stories or lyrics and notes?

41. Would you rather labor under the blistering sun or numbing cold?

Both could kill you, but which one can you protect yourself from more?

42. Would you rather see an awesome firework display or attend a rad concert?

I’ll take both, please.

43. Would you rather spend a weekend snow skiing or water skiing?

Sunny with a slight chance of pneumonia?

44. Would you rather stay in during a snow day or build a fort?

Having a day off of school or work because it’s snowing is the best! How will you choose to spend it?

45. Would you rather never be able to go out during the day or at night?

Before you answer, think about what it would be like to have your entire life lived this way. Does that change your initial answer?

46. Would you rather only be able to crawl around on all fours or only be able to walk facing backwards?

Either way, you’re gonna’ get a few weird looks. Be careful at crosswalks!

47. Would you rather be able to take back anything you say or hear any conversation people have about you?

Save face or be able to better other’s opinions of you?

48. Would you rather transform into a bird or a horse?

Birds are pretty cool, I guess. As long as you’re not a duck. Anything but a duck.

49. Would you rather have a photographic memory or a genius IQ?

Can I have both, please?

50. Would you rather always hit traffic but find the perfect parking spot or never hit traffic and take 10 minutes to find good parking?

If you live on the I-95 corridor, 10 extra minutes to find good parking is nothing compared to the traffic problems!

51. Would you rather detect every lie you hear or never get caught in any lie you tell?

If you already have integrity, you’ll answer one way and could charge a lot for your services. 

52. Would you rather ride the world’s wildest roller coaster or jump out of a plane skydiving?

Thousand-foot freefall or a giant steel death trap? Pick your poison (and your parachute) carefully.

53. Would you rather spend your life up among the clouds or at the bottom of the ocean?

The silence will probably get to you before the hypothermia does.

54. Would you rather own a pet dinosaur or tame a dragon?

How to train your Tyrannosaurus Rex: For Dummies

55. Would you rather be able to change the color of your hair or the length of your hair whenever you want?

Forget about boxed dyes and stubby self-cut bangs, ladies; welcome to the post-breakup crisis Fastrack.

56. Would you rather have a new cool shirt magically appear in your dresser every day or find a new pair of shoes in your closet every week?

The fashion industry just found its new face…

57. Would you rather spend a weekend playing in the beautiful, snowy mountains or at the sandy, sunny beach?

So basically, you have to choose between a sunburn or a windburn, skiing or surfing, snowman or sandcastle.

58. Would you rather own a cuddly pet panda bear or a zesty pet zebra?

Animal lovers unite!

59. Would you rather smooch with a frog or hug a snake?

As long as the snake doesn’t hug back…

60. Would you rather have lived in the 1860’s or in the 1960’s?

Right back to corsets and rock n’ roll!

61. Would you rather shovel snow or rake leaves?

Gosh, I can’t wait for summer!

62. Would you rather shred it on the guitar or become the ultimate pianist?

There is no wrong answer to this question. It’s a choice between becoming the next AC/DC or the next Mozart.

63. Would you rather get a pool installed or a trampoline in your backyard?

Ah, those childhood summers with the broken arms and the colorful casts and the Capri Suns. Those were the days…

64. Would you rather be a surgeon or a world-famous scientist?

There are perks to both, just don’t get too overconfident with either.

65. Would you rather spend a day at the zoo or visiting an aquarium?

Penguins and tigers and baby seahorses, we’ll take all the animals, please!!

66. Would you rather have super speed or super strength?

In the words of our King David Bowie, “We could be heroes just for one day.”

67. Would you rather be responsible for setting the table before dinner or washing the dishes after dinner?

And whatever you do, do NOT chip the porcelain.

68. Would you rather have a pet hamster or a pet cat?

For real, though, isn’t a hamster basically just a smaller version of a cat, anyway?

69. Would you rather pursue a career as a middle school art teacher or PE teacher?

You’ll never escape the pimples and pre-teen angst.

70. Would you rather take a romantic picnic in a public park or at the beach?

Feel the sun in your face, have a sandwich, have two sandwiches. Eat that PB&J like your life depends on it!


Weird Would You Rather Questions

Some people take pride in being weird, so find out how weird your friends are with these questions.

1. Would you rather get rid of death or taxes?

They say these are the only two certain things in life…but what if they weren’t?

2. Would you rather be immortal biologically or digitally?

Your answer will probably depend on which sci-fi movies you’ve seen.

3. Would you rather have the power of teleportation or telekinesis?

Do you want things to move to you or vice versa?

4. Would you rather have a dog that acts like a cat or a cat that acts like a dog?

Aren’t you animal lovers so glad you don’t actually have to decide this one in real life?

5. Would you rather have 3 hands or 3 feet?

The real question here is possibly about where the extra hand or foot must be placed on the body to be the most useful.

6. Would you rather have the head of a fly or legs of a frog?

If you have any artists in your group, now would be a good time for them to get out a pencil & paper. Seeing what this would look like may help you all decide.

7. Would you rather be the first person to explore a planet or be the inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease?

During an outbreak like COVID-19, this is probably an easy answer to give.

8. Would you rather be able to mind-control all animals except humans or control electronics with your mind?

Both could be useful in different ways, but are you more of a cyber-brain or organically minded?

9. Would you rather have a bottomless pantry of food or an ever-full gas tank in your cars?

Both would be nice in emergencies, but which is more essential to you?

10. Would you rather be lost in a bad part of town or lost in an enchanted forest?

Your survival depends on how well you can fight or on how many spells you know, right?

11. Would you rather have the ability to be completely invisible or be able to fly?

What could you experience or see by being invisible? Where would you go and what would you see if you could fly?

12. Would you rather be locked in a room that is constantly bright for a week or a dark for a week?

You have nothing to help you see or block light. Which do you think would be harder on your body & mind?

13. Would you rather be constantly hungry no matter how much you eat or tired no matter how much you sleep?

Being exhausted & grouchy, or hangry, which is worse? No one will want to be around you either way!

14. Would you rather cease to exist after you die or be reincarnated as a fly?

Do you believe in reincarnation as a creature or does it sound nicer to just be done & gone forever?

15. Would you rather donate your body when you die to science or your organs to people who need them?

Both are great causes, but do you want to help more immediately or further in the future?

16. Would you rather live your entire life in the real world or in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted?

Too many people are already living virtual lives, but does it make them happy? Will it make them happy if they are in that virtual world full time? Hmmm…

17. Would you rather have all corporations or the government see all of your computer usage?

Which one would you trust more? Or is this already our reality? Hmmm…

18. Would you rather live in a haunted house where the ghosts ignore you and don’t even know you are there or be a ghost in your house alone?

Could this be a movie? Sounds like some television shows have been broadcasting this stuff already.

19. Would you rather your shirts be always one size too small or two sizes too big?

Acceptable shirt tightness changes with the styles of the times. ’90’s kids love the baggy shirt and 2000’s kids love the tight shirt. Which do you identify with?

20. Would you rather have your hands or feet keep growing or as you got older?

How old do you wish to get? At what rate will they grow? I know some basketball players that this seems to already happen to!

21. Would you rather everything you dream come true or nothing you dream ever come true?

Anyone here prone to night terrors? I hope those won’t come true!

22. Would you rather kill Hitler before the Holocaust or Thanos before he destroyed any worlds?

We are assuming here that Thanos really exists, of course.

23. Would you rather live in a world populated only by you and clones of yourself or populated by only yourself and 3 billion cute dogs?

How much do you like yourself? How much do you like dogs? Tough decision, right?

24. Would you rather change your eye color or your hair color any time you please?

Either one could be really fun to play around with. 

25. Would you rather have a magic carpet that flies or your own personal robot?

One could show you the world, the other might get glitchy.

26. Would you rather be the worst player on a team that never loses or the best player on a team that never wins?

You can’t have it all.

27. Would you rather have two noses or one eye in the middle of your head?

Cyclops vs. sneeze machine? Let’s not think about allergy season.

28. Would you rather grow an extra toe or an extra finger?

A life spent in flip-flops or a whole lotta’ high-sixes?

29. Would you rather have skin that changes color based on your emotions or daily tattoos that appear depicting everything you did the day before?

Think about it, did you go to the bathroom yesterday or take a shower? Oh my!

30. Would you rather be in a zombie or robot apocalypse?

Depends on which kinds of robots and which kinds of zombies, right?

31. Would you rather have to wear stilettos to bed every night or have to wear slippers everywhere you go?

Can we bring in our friends with shoe fetishes to help answer this one?

32. Would you rather always breathe like Darth Vader or always talk like Yoda?

Either one may get you free tickets into Comic-cons, but I’m thinking they both will start to bug your friends real soon!

33. Would you rather have a hand half as small or twice as big?

Alright guys, these would-you-rather questions are getting out of hand.

34. Would you rather spontaneously sprout butterfly wings or grow yourself a horsetail out of nowhere?

Majestic is the magic word. In Narnia, you’d fit right in.

35. Would you rather have wings that don’t let you fly or gills that don’t let you breathe underwater?

You know what they say: those who can’t, teach.

36. Would you rather transform into a unicorn or a Pegasus?

And the headbutting begins…

37. Would you rather meet your favorite superhero or your favorite cartoon character?

As a great woman once said, “NO CAPES!”

38. Would you rather always smell like a skunk or sweat honey?

Livin’ sticky or stinky…

39. Would you rather own a car that can fly or turn into a submarine?

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a chocolate frog when you’re catching up to the Hogwarts Express!

40. Would you rather be the fastest person alive or have the ability to pause time?

Run as fast as you can and, according to every DC comic, you can turn back time, anyways…

41. Would you rather get stuck in a room with a gentle tiger or 10 angry bumblebees?

If we were in a Disney movie, this wouldn’t even be a hard choice.

42. Would you rather get your head stuck in a bucket or your foot caught in a block of drying cement?

Don’t try this at home, kids.

43. Would you rather have a blue nose or neon pink ears?

Don’t think too hard on this one. You’d be famous for either.

44. Would you rather moo like a cow or bark like a dog after every sentence?

Barking sounds a little more menacing, but good luck making friends with either of these.

45. Would you rather find hidden treasure or discover a living dinosaur?

With enough treasure and a little bit of luck, you could recreate Jurassic Park.

46. Would you rather never be able to wake yourself up from a nightmare or always wake up in the middle of a good dream and not be able to fall back to sleep?

This sounds like a concept from a horror movie.

47. Would you rather have a head the size of a watermelon or baseball?

The bigger your head, the less you gotta’ worry about. Or is it the other way around?

48. Would you rather be a vampire or a wizard?

Drink blood or potions? Be irresistibly sexy or have power over things? 

49. Would you rather be able to talk with animals or read other people’s minds?

Who do you think is more interesting, the animal or the human?

50. Would you rather have your feet be a second pair of hands or your hands be a second pair of feet?

Are we on the planet of the apes?

51. Would you rather have super crooked teeth that are pearly white or a straight, flawless smile with grossly yellow teeth?

Say cheese and hope that your teeth don’t look like literal cheese!

52. Would you rather wear the same outfit for the rest of your existence or have every single piece of clothing you own have a massive brown stain on it?

There are different shades of brown, so this question is pretty subjective.

53. Would you rather show up to work one day with no pants, or pee yourself during a presentation in front of all your coworkers?

That recurring nightmare that you always wake up from in a cold sweat? Yeah, Endangered Emoji’s got that covered, too.

54. Would you rather be compelled to somehow include the word ‘moist’ into every conversation or have a piece of pepper permanently stuck in your front row of teeth?

Call yourself the moistening conversationalist!

55. Would you rather have the superpower of strength or invisibility?

If you had both, you’d be like “a fly on the wall.” Ya, I know that’s a bad joke. Forgive me.

56. Would you rather know how to ride a unicycle on a tight rope or complete a Rubik’s cube in 20 seconds?

Either one would be cool to show off at parties, right? 

57. Would you rather live to 100, but stuck in a child’s body, or live to be 50 as a normal aging human being?

Benjamin Button comes to mind.

58. Would you rather see the ghosts of dead people or hear their voices?

Wanna know what they are trying to tell you or not? Do they have anything interesting to say or are they a bit dumb?

59. Would you rather die by zombie apocalypse or shark-nado?

The flying great whites have struck again!

60. Would you rather have an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?

Like that one kid with the gills…

61. Would you rather swallow a handful of poison ivy or a handful of wasps?

This sounds like a death trap.

62. Would you rather have to work your entire life as a clown or never be able to sleep again?

If you’re afraid of clowns, you won’t have to worry about having nightmares ever again.

63. Would you rather your legs become as long as your fingers or your fingers become as long as your legs?

There’s always room at the Circus. Go ahead and make your own musical!

64. Would you rather be covered in hair or be completely hairless?

Like the naked mole rats of people…

65. Would you rather get amnesia and not remember who you or anyone you know is or wake up from a coma with your memory, but you’ve missed five years of your life?

Many a fast-paced mystery novel has been born of this concept.

66. Would you rather be in a dark and scary room for days all by yourself or be in a well-lit room alone with Michael Jackson?

I don’t know about you, but this man scares the living daylights out of me.

67. Would you rather never play or always lose?

Give the sore loser in your family an ultimatum with this question.

68. Would you rather give up your computer or your pet?

It’s sad to think some people would choose the latter.

69. Would you rather know it all or have it all?

Be careful, these are very relative terms.

70. Would you rather be three feet taller or three feet shorter?

As a shortie myself, I know which I’d choose.


Hard Would You Rather Questions

Ask questions that require your friends to decide between good, better, and best answers. These are the hardest kinds of questions to answer.

1. Which one would you rather keep, your cell phone or your car?

This answer will be different within different age groups.

2. Would you rather have no TV/movies or no music?

Can you really have one without the other?

3. Would you rather only be able to use pens or pencils?

Are you confident with a pen or know you’re gonna make mistakes?

4. Would you rather be an airplane pilot or the captain of a ship?

Fear of heights may determine this answer for some of us.

5. Would you rather be able to move anywhere in space or anywhere in time?

You may want to give a lot of time to answer this one. Get it…time?

6. Would you rather be confined and safe or unconfined and free?

Answers will be influenced by your confidence level or desire to face dangerous things in life. Philosophically, this one is definitely hard.

7. Would you rather have the ability to read people’s minds or make people think whatever you want them to?

The value you place on agency vs. control will be in these answers.

8. Would you rather always have to wear sweatpants or never be able to wear sweatpants again?

Yes! This question does belong in the “Hard” section!

9. Would you rather find true love in a year or win the lottery tomorrow?

Love and money are the two largest driving forces in life, making this difficult to answer.

10. Would you rather lose a year off the end of your natural life or be in jail for a year?

Either way, one year is gone…

11. Would you rather know how above or below average you are at everything you do or know how above or below average other people are just by looking at them?

Who are we to judge? But this could definitely come in handy in job interviews!

12. Would you rather live without central air and heating or without the internet?

By far, this has got to be the most difficult question in this post!

13. Would you rather live the next 10 years of your life in a socialist country or a capitalist country?

This kind of subject seems to be under debate every time an election rolls around. Politically-minded people could spend hours on this question!

14. Would you rather, on a weekly basis, lose your phone or your keys?

The answer to this one is hard. Just reading it gives me anxiety!

15. Would you rather have incurable chapped lips or terrible untreatable dandruff?

Sadly, some people feel that they are already this way, but if you had to choose, which would be worse for you?

16. Would you rather never need to do any work again or never need sleep again?

Wanna be awake day and night or be able to be in a permanent retirement?

17. Would you rather be an artist who can’t see any art you create or be a musician who can’t hear the music you create?

Is the description of your work or the enjoyment your work creates in others enough to keep you creating or not?

18. Would you rather sell one of your organs or all of your possessions?

Either one will hurt, so would you rather go through physical pain or emotional pain?

19. Would you rather always be angry or envious?

Either way, you can’t feel very happy, right? But which one feels worse?

20. Would you rather be poor but rely on a rich person for what you get or become incredibly rich by hurting people?

What will this tell you about who people are? It’s a good thing that being rich doesn’t usually involve having to hurt others to be wealthy. 

21. Would you rather lose all of your memories from birth to now or never be able to retain any more memories from now on?

Are your earlier years precious to you or painful? Are you an optimist about what your future holds? Talk about an identity crisis either way!

22. Would you rather report a crime your best friend committed or go to jail for the crime they committed?

True benevolence or honesty is a hard thing to decide between.

23. Would you rather have two years with your soul mate before they die and you never love again or spend your life with someone nice you kind of like?

What do you think your heart could handle? You will learn a lot about your views and those of your friends about love with this question.

24. Would you rather go into the past and meet your ancestors or into the future and meet your descendants?

We can learn a lot from our ancestors, but we can see how impactful our choices are by meeting our descendants. Either way, we’d be a changed person.

25. Would you rather be able to control every dream you have but never remember them or remember every dream you have, but not have control over any of them?

If you enjoy your dreams already, this is an easy one, but if they are troubled, control would be your best choice.

26. Would you rather put a stop to war or end world hunger?

Would ending the world’s hunger have an impact on war or not? Lots to think about here.

27. Would you rather die before or after your spouse?

Statistically, husbands die before their wives, but what if you had the choice?

28. Would you rather get rich through hard work or by winning the lottery?

Hard work takes longer, but with the lottery, you’ll probably be asked by “friends” for lots of help. This is a tough one.

29. Would you rather have a 5-hour meeting with a headstrong politician with opposing political views, or attend a 5-hour concert by a music group you detest?

Oh, man! Which one will give you a bigger headache? 

30. Would you rather be bored or too busy?

Well, after that COVID-19 outbreak, we all know what being bored really feels like, so maybe your answer to this one was different before that.

31. Would you rather have your first child when you are 18 or 40?

Should you become a parent when you are young and more energetic or older and wiser?

32. Would you rather be filthy rich and live 500 years ago or be poor but live now?

Some people say that today’s poor live better than yesteryear’s wealthy. What do you think?

33. Would you rather spend a year as a teacher or a police officer in an inner-city neighborhood?

Neither get enough respect or thanks. Neither are safe in an inner-city setting, either.

34. Would you rather mentally or physically never age?

If you’re like Dick Clark, physically aging was never an issue, but most of us don’t have this blessing. 

35. Would you rather have everyone respect you or unlimited power over everyone?

Does power or influence over people happen if they respect you or not? How would you use your power?

36. Would you rather you can only text with emojis or you’re never able to text again?

There are so many emojis now that this might not be the worst thing in the world for you. It would be like the Egyptians and their hieroglyphics, but people misinterpret those often.  Hmmm…this may not be as simple of a choice as it first appears.

37. Would you rather design a new brand of toy or get the opportunity to direct a movie?

Watch out Toy Story, you’re about to meet your box office match.

38. Would you rather spend a year at war or a year in prison?

Some of our greatest generation heroes had to do both! They served and spent time as Prisoners of War. Take the time to think about that and be grateful for them as you answer this question.

39. Would you rather star in a movie or become best friends with your favorite celebrity?

Well, with the right people skills, you could do both.

40. Would you rather have no children or a child every year for 20 years?

Believe it or not, there are some families who have actually had kids that close together for nearly 20 years! Would you be willing to do that in order to avoid having none at all?

41. Would you rather give up your TV or your phone?

This is a tough one. Don’t get too caught up, though; you’ll always have your Macbook.

42. Would you rather be stranded in a massive desert or on a deserted island?

WILSON!!! Oh, ahem, excuse me.

43. Would you rather give up one month of using your cell phone or bathing?

I’m glad there are ways we can communicate besides cell phones because I need my body odor to stay in check! On the other hand, anyone got any tips for cleaning yourself without bathing?

44. Would you rather change the outcome of the last presidential election or get to choose the next president?

Ooooh! Get ready for a fight on this one!

45. Would you rather ask your ex or a total stranger for a favor?

Can we choose which ex we have to ask?

46. Would you rather instantly qualify as an Olympic athlete or be elected as President?

Mr. President, sir, put down the ski poles.

47. Would you rather not be allowed to eat any chocolate, sweets, or candy for a year or be banned from watching TV for a year?

What is “TV” really? There’s definitely room for interpretation, right?

48. Would you rather spend a Saturday playing paintball or laser tag?

Saturdays are for the boyz…

49. Would you rather live in the North or South Pole?

We all know where Santa is, but head South and you get all the cutest penguins.

50. Would you rather sprout 2 extra arms or 2 extra legs?

Personally, I think anyone with four arms could probably take over the world.

51. Would you rather have a giant butterfly or a miniature giraffe as a pet?

I’ve heard that butterflies are a lot uglier up close.

52. Would you rather be stuck wearing a red clown nose or a rainbow wig for the rest of your life?

I mean, I guess you’d get used to it, but there’s also plastic surgery.

53. Would you rather only be able to wear only a swimsuit all winter or ski pants and a winter coat for the entire summer?

The less you shave, the warmer you are. And that’s a fact.

54. Would you rather be besties with Superman or Spiderman?

Peter Parker is the literal cutest, but how about them sound barrier-breaking abs?

55. Would you rather get stranded in the desert or Antarctica?

I hear you die of frostbite faster than dehydration.

56. Would you rather be constantly itchy or experience excruciating pain for a whole day once a year?

What kind of pain are we talking about?

57. Would you rather be able to transform into an animal of your choice or have mind control over an animal of your choice?

This one’s for the fantasy-lovers.

58. Would you rather pull all the teeth out of your mouth or peel all your nails out of your fingers?

This one’s painful, but it all depends on if you’re cool with sippin’ smoothies for the rest of your life.

59. Would you rather be uber-rich but suffer depression or be poor and happy?

Like they always say, you can’t buy happiness.

60. Would you rather be a plain-looking hilarious person or a super boring extremely good-looking person?

Do you crave positive attention for your looks more than your personality?

61. Would you rather be cheated on or be the cheater who gets away with it?

Truly a question of your strength of character and integrity.

62. Would you rather always have a spotless kitchen and a disgusting bedroom, or a disgusting kitchen and a spotless bedroom?

This question will drive germaphobes insane! You have to have both!!….But you can only choose one…

63. Would you rather be the author of Twilight or the writer of every Nickelback song?

Bring on the 2000s cringe in all its low-waisted, fanged, sparkly glory.

64. Would you rather find love at first sight that lasts for 20 years, or find true love that takes you 50 years to find?

There are plenty of love songs about both kinds of love, but none of them will help you answer this question.

65. Would you rather be in a family with people who never argue or people who never hug?

One may be easier to do without than the other, but which one is better to have in your life?

66. Would you rather change everything you want to about your appearance or your personality?

Oof! Insecurities will all be out on the table with this question!

67. Would you rather have a child who is kind or a child who is smart?

I hope y’all help your children to be both, but is one more important than the other? Why?

68. Would you rather save three other people from a burning building with a 60% chance that you survive, or jump by yourself from a burning building with a 99% chance of survival?

I know of a scripture about the love of a person who would give their life for others. It’s a very good thing, but do you think you could really risk your life for others?

69. Would you rather be able to speak to animals or be proficient in every world language?

Kinda like you’re living in a real-life Disney simulation.

70. Would you rather paint an entire wall with just your face or just your knees?

Either way, you’ll be there all day. Just remember to keep your mouth closed!


Deep Would You Rather Questions

Getting to know someone’s philosophies on life can bring you all closer. These deep questions can help you with this.

1. Would you rather be on a deserted island for the rest of your life with the love of your life or your best friend?

Maybe it depends on whether or not you consider the love of your life your best friend.

2. Would you rather have a high-paying job under a horrible boss or a low-paying job under an incredible boss?

What are you truly willing to endure… low-quality people or low-quality stuff?

3. Would you rather change something from your past or avoid something horrible in the future?

The ability to time travel would be helpful with this one.

4. Would you rather have to show on your face no emotion you feel or every emotion you feel?

This will delve into your level of willingness to let people into your life and your feelings.

5. Would you rather be born black or white?

This can give rise to some deep-seated beliefs about racial ideas or prejudices.

6. Would you rather live in a dystopia or utopia?

There are plenty of fantasy or sci-fi novels and movies to help you decide this one.

7. Would you rather be religious or atheist?

Your group may take an eternity to chat about this one. Where that eternity will be spent is up for debate with this question.

8. Would you rather marry someone who loves you or someone you love?

In both cases, the marriage probably wouldn’t last under these circumstances…or could it?

9. Would you rather marry the most beautiful person alive or marry the wisest person alive?

It seems like an easy answer, but remember that there are advantages and disadvantages in life from both scenarios.

10. Would you rather become 5 years old again, but know everything you do now or stay your age and learn everything your future self will learn?

Would knowing those things at either age make life exciting any longer, or would you end up bored with no stretching of your mind happening?

11. Would you rather move to a new city or town every week or never leave the city or town where you were born?

Do you have wanderlust or do you enjoy your comfort zone?

12. Would you rather be good-looking and stupid or ugly and wise?

Deep philosophical ideas can be delved into with this one because it all depends on what we see as important in life. Where do our priorities lie?

13. Would you rather lose your short-term memory or long-term memory?

If you have already lost both, this won’t be a hard question. If you still have both, share why you would choose one over the other. What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are you willing to let go of?

14. Would you rather lose all of your friends except for your best friend or just lose your best friend?

How many friends do you feel you need? If your best friend is amazing, but you love being a social butterfly, this will be a hard one. Priorities will be touched on with these answers.

15. Would you rather be unable to have babies or only conceive quintuplets?

The drive to have or not have children is deep-seated in most people. Some strong opinions and values will be brought up as you discuss this one.

16. Would you rather lose all your cash, assets and valuables or all the photos you have ever taken?

Memories or belongings? People or things? This debate could take a while…

17. Would you rather be loved more by your parents or your friends?

This may change over time in your life and depends on how good you feel your parents are to you.

18. Would you rather have everything on your phone (browsing history, photos, etc.) be shown to the public or never use a cell phone again?

If you have things on your phone to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, this one is tougher. Maybe a landline is just what you need, though!

19. Would you rather be feared or admired by all?

Do you care about what others think of you? What kind of leader would you end up being if either of these were the case?

20. Would you rather have no government or a corrupt government?

Hopefully, you won’t have a political science major in your group to debate this with you. FYI, talking politics like this during Thanksgiving can end up saving you from having to buy gifts for certain people come the holidays.

21. Would you rather know the truth about everything or believe the comforting lies?

Truth can be painful, but so can lies. It brings up the debate of whether we should choose to be kind or honest. The two don’t always coexist. How does that fair in your mind?

22. Would you rather have to kill one innocent person or five minor criminals?

Which one wins out in your mind, the law or the individual?

23. Would you rather have political power and be poor or be wealthy with no political power?

Does money always equal power? Which can do the most good in this world, money or power?

24. Would you rather know every outcome of every choice you make or understand all the mysteries of the universe?

Which one could benefit you more? Which one will benefit humanity more? And which one of those is more important to you?

25. Would you rather have your family love you while the public hates you or the other way around?

This will be telling about your view of family vs humanity in general. Who is more important to you and why?

26. Would you rather live in a world populated only by you and clones of yourself or populated by only yourself and 3 billion people you have no chance at being better than?

Do you feel the need to be better than others? Are you ok with feeling inferior all the time? How much could you stand living with yourself?

27. Would you rather have your dream retirement or your dream childhood?

Which part of your life do you think is more important to enjoy? Maybe some of you had an ideal childhood…

28. Would you rather have a fast-forward button or a rewind button on your life?

You could skip over hard times or relive great times. There are a lot of options in either scenario.

29. Would you rather keep being yourself or be someone else?

You’ll have to dig deep to find out how happy you are with who you are. Is the grass really greener on the other side or is it just an illusion?

30. Would you rather go on a cruise with friends or with your spouse?

This question is assuming your spouse is not one of your friends, but I hope that’s not the case.

31. Would you rather be single forever or in an arranged marriage?

Have any of you seen “Fiddler on the Roof” with the lead character and his wife? If not, watch this before you answer this question.

32. Would you rather lose your sight or your memory?

Losing sight causes lots of hardships and learning to interact with the world a whole different way. Losing memory may turn you into a whole different kind of person. Which do you think would be easier to let go of and adjust to?

33. Would you rather be the funniest person on earth or the smartest person to ever live?

If we have tests to measure intelligence, why don’t we have them for comical genius?

34. Would you rather be eight years older or five years younger?

This one might take a bit of introspection…

35. Would you rather die in 20 years with no regrets or live to 99 with loads of regrets?

Live life well or live life long?

36. Would you rather be the smartest person to ever live or the best athlete in history?

I guess it all comes down to boring old preference on this one.

37. Would you rather have 5 sisters or 5 brothers?

Things around the house are about to get interesting (and loud)…

38. Would you rather work as a doctor or a police officer?

You save lives with both–the best type of professions.

39. Would you rather lose all of the money you’ve earned this year or all the memories you’ve made?

You can’t put a price on time.

40. Would you rather know the cause or the date of your death?

Either way, you’ll be living in fear.

41. Would you rather immediately win $10 or flip a coin for a chance to win $20?

The answer to this one can tell you a lot about a person.

42. Would you rather be the judge who decides who gets executed or the executioner?

There is no right answer to this question.

43. Would you rather go deaf or blind?

The impossible choice between a silent world or a dark one…

44. Would you rather marry someone good-looking who isn’t attracted to you or someone ugly who thinks you’re gorgeous?

There’s no way to quantify the beauty of the soul.

45. Would you rather take your dream job if it only pays enough money for basic necessities or work a high-paying job that you hate?

Can you put a price on happiness?

46. Would you rather forget your favorite movies so you can rewatch them again for the first time or forget your favorite books so you can reread them for the first time?

Remember how you felt the first time you read/watched Harry Potter?

47. Would you rather be able to change the future or the past with your mind?

You could do a number on the economy, that’s for sure.

48. Would you rather have thought bubbles appear over your head or let everyone have access to your search history?

This could ruin your relationships or strengthen them.

49. Would you rather be 4 years old or 90 years old your entire life?

Lots of drool and everyone taking care of you? Sounds fine to me.

50. Would you rather save 4 of your closest family members or 100 strangers?

This really makes you think about your priorities…

51. Would you rather have a large group of shallow friends or only one close, loyal friend?

The Mean Girls plot comes to mind…

52. Would you rather lose all your friends and win the lottery or keep your friends but never get a raise for the rest of your life?

You can’t put a price on friendship.

53. Would you rather die before or after your spouse?

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid. *sniffles*

54. Would you rather win the lottery but die of a heart attack at 60, or live to be 200 years old?

A lot can change in 200 years. Imagine the things you’d be able to see.

55. Would you rather never age physically or mentally?

This one depends on what age’s mental state you’ll never move on from. Don’t get yourself stuck with a five-year-old brain!

56. Would you rather be able to press the pause or the rewind button on your life?

You’ve got regrets. Join the club.

57. Would you rather be drowned or burned to death?

This one’s particularly morbid, but everyone loves a martyr.

58. Would you rather get married to the person of your dreams or land your dream job?

They say love conquers all, but they never specify what that entails…

59. Would you rather have eternal life or die in the next ten minutes?

Forever can get pretty lonely, or so I hear.

60. Would you rather build a time machine that only goes backward or forward in time?

If you can change the past, you can always change the future.

61. Would you rather have everything you’ve ever wanted but have one year left to live or continue living your life as it is now?

This answer to this question says a lot about a person.

62. Would you rather appear irresistibly attractive to your partner and unattractive to everyone else, or attractive to everyone else but extremely unattractive to your partner?

Who matters most to you? Could you handle one scenario better than the other? How would you do it?

63. Would you rather people think your significant other is way out of your league or that you are way out of your significant other’s league?

There’s a lot to consider here, but doesn’t your opinion of the significant other matter most in the end, anyway?

64. Would you rather save up your money for the down payment on a house or spend it on fun adventures?

This is in the “deep” category because immediate vs. delayed gratification is a complicated and deep debate within ourselves. 

65. Would you rather hear your loved ones say, “I love you” too often or not often enough?

You’ll find out about how people were raised and their different comfort levels with this expression. How willing to open up will you and your friends be about this?

66. Would you rather die happy in five years or unhappy in fifty years?

This one really makes you think.

67. Would you rather have your significant other always telling you their thoughts about you or always telling you they’re “fine” when you ask?

This is really more of a conversation starter than a would you rather question, but it digs deep into how much you value honesty vs. kindness. The two don’t always mix.

68. Would you rather have everlasting happiness on your own, or everlasting love with another person?

So, can you feel the fullness of happiness on your own or does everlasting love with someone bring that automatically?

69. Would you rather live life with no inhibitions or no stress?

Sorry! I know you probably don’t have enough time left in the day to figure out your answer on this one, but I had to put this question in here.

70. Would you rather be perfectly confident in who you are, or be perfectly confident that you’re with the right person?

A wise person once said, “I am my own, before I am anyone else’s.” There is a measure of wisdom in that statement.


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