Best Questions to ask your crush

Best Questions to Ask Your Crush

Having a crush on someone is a tricky business. Should you let them know you like them right up front, or do you wait until you feel you’ve established a good rapport with him/her until you make it known? What if you are worried that telling him/her your feelings will risk your friendship? At, we wish we could help you make those choices, but our forte is not relationship advice. 

However, we can help you strengthen your relationship with your crush in a way that will work whether or not you have revealed your feelings yet. Here is a list of questions that can help you to let them know your level of interest without revealing too much about your feelings or desire for a romantic relationship. We do hope that these questions might help them to fall for you once they realize how interested in them you are.

These questions can help you to find common interests, values, and priorities that are important to the foundation of any good relationship. We wish you luck in wherever your relationship heads after this and are glad you allowed us to be a part of your romance journey.

Best Questions to Ask Your Crush

1. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

2. Do you have a nickname?

3. What is the last book you read?

4. What is the most romantic thing you have done for a girl/guy?

5. What was your first impression of me?

6. If you could spend a whole day with anyone from the past, who would you spend it with?

7. If you had an all paid two-week vacation, where would you like to go?

8. What do people do that really annoy you?

9. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

10. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

11. What’s your biggest fear?

12. Who are you closest to in your family?

13. What’s your love language?

14. What do you do to relax?

15. What does a typical Saturday look like for you?

16. How do you prioritize work, family, and friends?

17. Where is the most beautiful place in the world to you?

18. Are you a dog or a cat person?

19. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

20. Do you prefer spending time in the city or the country?

21. What is the worst date you have been on?

22. What are you doing when you’re at your happiest?

23. Where would you happily live out the rest of your life?

24. What’s the greatest movie of all time?

25. What’s your most bizarre habit?

26. What’s the best piece of advice you received from your parents?

27. Are you more comfortable at the beach or in the mountains?

28. If you knew you’d die in a month, what would you be spending your time doing?

29. What’s your favorite type of music?

30. If you could broadcast a message to the whole world, what would you say?