Best Date Ideas

Best Date Ideas

Dating and courtship have been people’s way of getting to know their love interests for over a century. In some areas of the world, arranged marriages still happen, but that is no longer the norm. Today, people have the privilege of planning activities to do together that they believe will bring them closer to the person they want to ask out. It’s definitely a more fun way to learn about one another than waiting until the wedding day to meet, right?

But planning these activities in order to produce a great relationship can be hard to do. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing an appropriate date activity. Will this be your first date, or are you looking to rekindle the spark in your relationship? Maybe you have been married for years and just need some ideas to keep things going well. Is money an issue? Are you just getting bored with the old dinner and a movie routine? Whatever your circumstances, you’ll be able to find your next date ideas here.

Best Date Ideas

So, what is your circumstance? You can click on any of the links below that fit your situation best. You may even want to share this list with the person you’ve asked out so they can choose the next date. Enjoy!

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Fun Date Ideas

1. Take a boxing class together

Maybe after taking this class, you two can go run those famous Rocky steps in Philly.

2. Plan a dinner party and invite your friends

Hopefully, it will turn out better than Michael and Jan’s dinner party.

3. Go to an Ikea store

Just be careful not to get lost!

4. Attend a concert

Something about live music just brings two people closer together.

5. Take music lessons

Have a ball and get to know each other with some unsure guitar solos and off-key xylophone jam sessions.

6. Go to a street fair

With so much to see and do, there’s no way you’ll be hurting for conversation.

7. Go bowling

Take the night off and put on your stuntin’ shoes, cause it’s about to get real competitive and uncoordinated in here!

8. See a comedy show

It’s the best way to find out whether you have similar senses of humor.

9. Go to the Zoo

Depending on how much you like each other, this could be a nice loooong date.

10. Take many different personality quizzes

There are endless quizzes out there. See if any of them are actually true!

11. Go see a psychic

Have fun and see what the love doctor has in store for you two.

12. Pretend you don’t know each other at a bar

You could dress up and act like someone completely different… Bond, James, Bond.

13. Go skateboarding

Just remember to wear your helmet, knee, and elbow pads!

14. Try a new recipe together

You may not be pro chefs, but you’ll surely have a great time hanging out together in the kitchen.

15. Go to a sporting event together

Even if it’s your local high school team and you have no idea how the game is played, you’ll be with someone you love, laughing and cheering on strangers.

16. Make a mixtape together

Music brings people together, or so they say. Just look at Troy and Gabriella!

17. Play basketball

Even if you’re not the best baller of them all, this is a great activity to spend some quality time together.

18. Have a barbecue

You could even invite a few friends over and make a party out of it.

19. Play paintball

Don’t be afraid to get a little messy with your significant other.

20. Go horseback riding


21. Take a painting class

Let out your inner van Gogh.

22. Go to an amusement park

This is a sneaky way to get to hold hands while screaming on the rides.

23. Go on a road trip

If you’ve got a good chunk of time to fill and don’t mind heading out of town, this is the perfect way to get away with your sweetheart.

24. Mini golf

Grab your putts and get ready for some full-grown adult melodramatics, cause the competition is real.

25. Go to a trampoline park

Get your bounce on and show off some of your best flips!


Cute Date Ideas 

1. Take pictures in a photo booth

You can even bring some dress-up clothes and get into character.

2. Find a cool street view

Make your way to the top of the nearest multistory building and make some cool memories!

3. Go shopping

Get creative picking out each other’s outfits and styles.

4. Make a DIY water park

Soak up some sun and pull out the sprinklers. Water games are a fun way to pass those hot summer days with your significant other.

5. Go on a walking tour

A fun and simple way to explore any city.

6. Play hide and seek in a cornfield

Okay, so what if it is corny? The giggles and good times are worth it.

7. Visit the animal shelter

Giving all the cute animals some love and maybe gettin’ some yourself.

8. Teach each other something new

Whether it’s a bit of a foreign language or a crazy complicated math concept, there’s something about challenging each other’s intellect that just sets the mood.

9. Find a wishing fountain

This can turn into a real adventure if you live in a big city.

10. Go to a pumpkin patch

Who doesn’t love fall and carving pumpkins?

11. Go blackberry, strawberry, or blueberry picking

Afterward, you two could plan a second date to make jam

12. Go to a drive-in movie

If they don’t have these where you live, make the best of it with a projector on the outside of your house, the back of your car, or the bed of your truck.

13. Speak at an open mic

These don’t happen everywhere, but if you know of a place where you can get up and show off your fantastic sense of humor, go all in.

14. Walk one or both of your dogs

There’s nothing cuter than your fluffy friends, so what better way to get in touch with each other’s softer sides?

15. Go on a hayride

This is the perfect pastime for those crisp autumn afternoons.

16. Haunted houses

If you’ve got the guts, this makes for the perfect October date.

17. Go leaf picking in the park

Autumn is the best time to FALL in love…haha…get it?

18. Go thrifting

You’re sure to find some perfect items that express who you are and make you and your partner laugh.

19. Attend a local reading

Whether it’s poetry or novels, supporting local artists is one of the best ways to spend your Friday night.

20. Grab breakfast

Short, sweet, and simple. Who said dating had to be complicated?

21. Go kayaking

Get in touch with each other’s adventurous sides, and don’t be afraid to get wet.

22. Coloring books

Buy each other the most ridiculous coloring books you can find and then spend time coloring in your masterpieces.

23. Ride in a hot air balloon

This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of date that will definitely show your partner how much you care.

24. Shop for charity

Even if it’s some cheap items from the thrift store, you can give back a little to your community and spend some quality time together.

25. Listen to each others’ podcasts

If a busy schedule or some distance gets in the way, you can always stay connected through the day-to-day things.


Unique Date Ideas

1. Find a restaurant with a working jukebox and give each other $2 to choose songs

This is a different way to talk about your music interests, and if you like each other, it gives you more time together as you listen to the songs.

2. Go grocery shopping together

This can help each other see what type of cook they are, and share yummy recipes!

3. Rent a fancy car and drive around for a bit

Can you say the lifestyle of the rich and famous?

4. Create a dinner out of only food truck food

This is a fun way you can create a three-course gourmet meal.

5. Go shopping at an antique store

You can find some weird old things that you two can laugh about and make some great memories to talk about later.

6. Go to a nearby tourist destination

Use the internet and see if there is some tourist place you didn’t even know was that close!

7. Hit up the farmer’s market

Cute stalls filled with organic fruits and fresh veggies just have a way of bringing out people’s purest selves.

8. Go to a jazz club

Maybe take a jab at the Charleston and have a ball snazzing it up with your partner.

9. Learn about your family trees

This is an interesting activity to do by yourself. Why not make it doubly enjoyable with a partner and someone to reminisce with?

10. Start training for a race together

Training equals dating, right? With all the time and effort it requires, it might as well.

11. Take a DJ class

Spinout some hot beats and get into the groove with your soulmate.

12. Do a project together

You’ll learn how patient one another is.

13. Go to estate sales together

As long as your date is into morbid antiques and doesn’t believe in bad mojo, you’ll be fine.

14. Play Ping-Pong

When the Ping-Pong rackets come out, you know the party’s REALLY gettin’ started.

15. Midnight bike rides

You’ll get your daily exercise without the hassle of being seen by anyone other than the one you want to impress the most. No pressure. Pedal on.

16. Attend a trapeze class

Everybody loves to try new things, right?

17. Thrifted tennis

Snag some trashy tennis gear from the nearest thrift store and take it to the court!

18. See a terrible B-rated movie

Nothing says deep bonding like laughing over something so terrible.

19. Research your local train and bus lines

You’ll probably find that there are a few buses or trains that’ll take you up to the mountains or into the city.

20. Make a time capsule

Capture some memories and find the best place to bury them together.

21. Do yoga and meditation

Find your zen and get in touch with each other’s more vulnerable sides.

22. Climb a tree in the park

You might get a few strange looks, but at least you’ll have a good time.

23. Learn how to make fondue together

Nothing’s more romantic than melted chocolate and pretzels.

24. Go see a play

Appreciating the arts is both a unique and entertaining way to spend time together.

25. Take a pottery class together

Get in touch with your artsy side.


Winter Date Ideas

1. Go ax throwing

You can pretend you’re lumberjacks. Dress up in your plaid shirt, big boots, and impress your date.

2. Do MadLibs together

Snuggle up by the fire and crack each other up with some wacky tales.

3. Redo/redecorate a room

Unleash your inner artist and let the paint fight begin.

4. At-home Broadway-style karaoke

Turn up the show tunes and witness each other’s musical theater sides.

5. Make personalized scavenger hunts for each other

This is a cute way to spend an evening indoors.

6. Board games

Get down with a competitive game of checkers, Life, or Yahtzee!

7. Take a dance class

Warm-up and fight off that winter chill with some sweet new moves to impress your date.

8. Go ice skating

Get in the holiday spirit and make that first move while in the safety of the rink.

9. Play some pool

There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned competition to warm up the atmosphere.

10. Go to the aquarium

This makes for some great pictures together.

11. Go to the library

Who doesn’t love the smell of books?

12. Play in the snow

Make an ice fort, roll around and swish up some snow angels, then laugh over a pair of steaming cocoa mugs when you’re all snowed out.

13. Go roller-skating

If you’re not too good on the ice, maybe opt for the second-hardest alternative. Don’t trip.

14. Design and construct a pillow fort

Quell the romantic tension with some good, old-fashioned childhood memories.

15. Movie marathon (with a theme) and ice cream sundaes

There’s nothing sweeter than a few scoops of your favorite flavor and a cuddle buddy to share them with.

16. Watch YouTube compilations all night

Dig up all those old Vines you know you’ve been dying to rewatch anyway.

17. Go skiing

Dating is kind of like skiing. Avoid the crazy jumps, but not all of ’em. Sometimes, those are the best ones.

18. Play a game of 21 Questions

With a few cups of hot cocoa and a shared blanket, this is the perfect winter pastime.

19. Remake your favorite TV show episode

Get creative, dramatic, and maybe even go viral on TikTok.

20. Visit a vintage book store

Every downtown has one, and there’s no end to the intriguing items you and your partner will discover in a place full of old dust and magic.

21. Paint each other’s portraits

It might not be as pretty as the live picture, but it’s a great way to pass those long wintry days.

22. Bake holiday cookies

‘Tis the season for frosting and sprinkles!

23. Bake bread from scratch

Something about the smell of freshly-baked bread puts you right into that holiday spirit.

24. Host a hot chocolate competition

Get in on some friendly competition and find out who has the best hot-chocolate making skills.

25. Have a pajama party

There’s nothing cuter than a couple wearing matching footie pajamas.


Free Date Ideas

1. Plan a fake vacation together

Ready? Set? Jet! This is a fun way to see how well you two plan and where you would want to go.

2. Play Hide and Seek

Ready or not, here I come! This would also be fun to play with little kids.

3. Watch the sunrise

If you can appreciate the simple beauties of life with your partner, you’re likely a lot more compatible than you think.

4. Play the game ‘Never Have I Ever has a list to get your imagination going for this game! Click here to get there.

5. Share your childhood and teen photos

A great way to bond, over those awkward photos…

6. Take a hike

Get outdoors and down and dirty with some real talk–no distractions.

7. Go bird watching

Nothing unusual, just two lovebirds looking for some real birds…

8. Fly kites

A windy day is no excuse not to have a fun date in the great outdoors.

9. Make each other playlists and go for a drive 

Take some long roads and listen to one another’s tunes.

10. Go through your old yearbooks

Reminiscing on high school memories is probably the best and most hilarious way to get closer to someone.

11. A book club for two

Grab two copies of your favorite book and discuss it together as you both read.

12. Play video games together

Show off your more competitive sides and have some friendly virtual fun.

13. Make homemade pizza

Have some fun and spice up the night with some good old fashioned pepperoni and Parmesan.

14. Do a puzzle together

Pull out some snacks, turn on some funky music, and have yourself a puzzle party!

15. Make life lists

Sharing bucket lists with each other makes for some excellent bonding time.

16. Look up pets to adopt online

Which weird pets are they okay with possibly adopting?

17. Walk through some new houses

It’s always fun to play house and find new ideas to decorate.

18. Declutter together

Instead of going to a thrift store for some things, maybe they have a great couch or pretty vase they want to get rid of!

19. Feed the ducks

Find your local duck pond and spend an afternoon chatting it up while avoiding bird poop.

20. Spend a day at the beach

The sun, the sand, the soulmate. What more could you want?

21. Have a no-tech evening

Pretend you’re in a massive blackout (phones included), put on some candles, and get to know each other in real-time.

22. People watch in the park (or a parking lot)

There’s nothing illegal about judging a book by its cover, plus it’s an amusing pastime.

23. Lobster-watching at the supermarket

It takes a special kind of guy/girl to appreciate comedic genius backing a decision like this.

24. Play some baseball in the park

Swing a home run and share some laughs with your favorite person.

25. Using just a compass and a map, try to navigate your way somewhere

If everything goes right, you’ll get lost together.


First Date Ideas

1. Get ice cream

Ice cream comes in all different colors and flavors, just like love.

2. Go to an art museum

The good, the bad, and the ugly. There is always plenty to talk about when it comes to art 

3. Food truck jumping

Support local businesses in your area and get some yummy treats along the way.

4. Go get your palms read

After a good reading, you’ll both have tons to talk about.

5. Visit a dog park

Even if none of the dogs are yours or your partner’s, this is still a cute and highly entertaining way to start your relationship on the right foot–or paw.

6. IKEA dream house

Go to your nearest furniture store and get in touch with each other’s inner interior designer

7. Visit the planetarium

If you don’t have one of these, some good old-fashioned outdoors stargazing will do.

8. Go-karts

Take your date on a high-speed race around the track, get that adrenaline pumping, and share some laughs.

9. Visit a tea house

Enjoy the ambiance and some pleasant calming smells as you get to know each other over some yummy refreshments.

10. Try out trivia night

Hit up your local bar or hole-in-the-wall dining spot and impress your date with your high intelligence.

11. Go bungee jumping

If you and your date have got the guts, this is the perfect date to launch into a full-blown relationship.

12. Go geocaching

If you and your date are both adventurous, this is a great way to get to know each other while keeping the night interesting.

13. Go ziplining

Take things to new heights right from the start!

14. Go to a virtual reality cafe

These are getting more and more popular nowadays, and it makes for a fun and exciting first date.

15. Try metal detecting

Take your date on a treasure hunt and have some fun getting to know each other while slightly weirding other people out–because we all know that’s the best time.

16. Visit a board game cafe

This is the safest place to go if you’re not quite sure what to hold out a dinner-long conversation about.

17. Play pinball

Try to beat each other’s high scores and foster some friendly competition in the process.

18. Worst-rated restaurant

Take a risk and call it all off as a joke when the date is over.

19. Get artsy with some (legal) graffiti

Your date may or may not be down for this, but you can get artsy and get to know each other better with some spray paint and a few wood pallets.

20. Take a stroll through the mall

It’s impossible to get bored with the abundance of frozen yogurt, Barnes & Noble, and Macy’s.

21. Go to a science center

These places are the coolest! Just don’t forget to bring some hand sanitizer.

22. Watch a sunset

Pack some snacks, maybe some assorted cheeses, a blanket, and a good playlist.

23. Buy a cheap drone

Take turns accidentally crashing it into various buildings, and it makes for a surprisingly fun time.

24. Visit a murder/mystery dinner place

They say terror is good for digestion.

25. Go to the arcade

Have some good, retro-esque Pac-Man fun!


Cheap Date Ideas

1. Get pedicures together

A nice way to sit and relax as you two get to know each other

2. Go fishing

Even if neither of you has ever fished before, there’s a lot to be said for making an effort. Quality time is quality time.

3. Coupon hoarders

Scour the coupon sites for all the best deals and grab some completely unnecessary items just for their sentimental value (and a good deal!)

4. Appetizer fine-dining

Find the best happy hour deals in town and grab the appetizers instead of meals.

5. Draw each other blindfolded

Yes, that does say blindfolded.

6. Go fruit-picking

This only works if you live near an orchard or vineyard that allows this kind of stuff.

7. Binge-watch your favorite TV shows together

It’s fun to rewatch something you’ve already watched alone with your partner, knowing all the spoilers.

8. Attend an open house

The realtors are friendly, you get free food (usually), and you get some one-on-one time in a beautiful house with your partner.

9. Go gift shopping at the dollar store

This is a cute and inexpensive way to give your person something small and heartfelt to remember you by, or just to laugh together over.

10. Garden together

The perfect garden takes a lot of planning, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty as a team.

11. Print and frame your favorite photos

If you’re in a long-term relationship, this is the best way to say, “I will love you for a long time” without actually saying it.

12. Walk around the city and decorate inanimate objects with googly eyes

This is both cheap and hilarious.

13. People watch at the airport

There’s something romantic about speculating about strangers and what their lives might be like.

14. Take a ferry ride

This date is beautiful and simple if you live anywhere near the ocean or a large body of water.

15. Go window shopping

There’s nothing better than taking a casual stroll through the town, appreciating beautiful things… and your beautiful person.

16. Ride a train or trolley

This is fun to do just for the adventure of it.

17. Visit the skate park

Grab some skates, scooters, or skateboards and shred it up!

18. Make your own pinata

Yep, that’s right. Paper mache, paint, and a whole lot of messy, hands-on creativity are in order.

19. Donate blood together

There’s nothing more romantic than donating some of your time and energy to help others.

20. Go fossil hunting

This depends on where you live, but many places have fossil farms where deserts used to be oceans etcetera, etcetera.

21. Sidewalk chalk art

The world is your canvas; just leave some room for your date’s canvas.

22. YouTube scientists

Find the coolest science experiment tutorials on YouTube and test them out together.

23. Go yard-sale hunting

There’s nothing better than finding the best deal on some rad stuff with your partner.

24. Go to local history spots

Especially if you live in a big town or city, this one is sure to get interesting.

25. Watercolor competition

Grab a pallet of Crayola watercolors and see who can create the best landscape.


Romantic Date Ideas

1. Amateur photography road trip

Drive around town and catch some cool, aesthetic shots with the one you love.

2. Go for a boat ride

There’s nothing like some sappy violin music and a pair of oars to create the ultimate romantic ambiance.

3. Go on a long walk around your neighborhood at night

Assuming this goes the way it tends to in the Nicholas Sparks movies, you’ll have some great bonding time and high-quality conversation.

4. Write love letters to each other and read them aloud

A relationship is a balance of giving and taking, so it’s important to remind each other how much you value one another.

5. Pretend you’re in a movie

Dance in the rain, recite one or two epic love confessions, the whole shebang.

6. Dinner and a movie

The classic date, but still very romantic 

7. Spa day

Get a couple’s massage or just take some time stewing in the steam room and laughing about it together afterward.

8. Go horseback riding

There’s nothing more romantic than spending the day riding around in the vast expanse with the person you love.

9. Visit some botanical gardens

Something about the steamy glass walls and earthy aroma sets the mood.

10. Take a chocolate factory tour

You and your date can indulge each other’s sweet-tooth’s and have a great time in the process.

11. Go hot-tubbing

What with the jets and the bubbles, it’s easy to relax together.

12. Rent a convertible or luxury sports car and take a day trip

Sometimes, you want to know how the other half lives, and it’s fun to get out of your own busy lives for a while.

13. New food night

Grab some exotic ingredients and try to make a dish you’ve never made or eaten before.

14. Attend a local fundraising event

Strengthen your relationship with some charitable contributions to the community.

15. Go to an auction

It might not be the most romantic, but there’s always some measure of excitement in the air at these auctions.

16. Tandem bicycle

Two is better than one, am I right?

17. Do an animal encounter at the zoo

Swim with dolphins or cuddle with baby tigers.

18. Go rock-skipping

Not only is this free, but it’s also super funny and romantic when one or both of you doesn’t know how to skip rocks.

19. Learn some Tai Chi together

This is a beautiful way to relax, and when you’re doing it with someone you’re in love with, it’s even better.

20. Serenade each other with made-up love ballads

This sounds cheesy, and it is. But there’s no limit to the things you’d do for love, right?

21. Make your significant other a sappy memories video

This is great as an anniversary gift. Snuggle in with some popcorn and watch all your memories in one sitting.

22. Write each other short stories

Do you know that novel that you’ve wanted to write? Well, here’s your chance to prove your skill to the one who matters most.

23. Sit down and plan your dream retirement together

It sounds boring, but it’s never too early to start planning for the future.

24. Be productive together

That’s right; getting work done while dancing to tunes and sharing a glass of wine is sometimes just the best way to fall deeper in love.

25. Homemade face masks

Keep it chill and low-key with some gentle, wholesome skincare.


Double Date Ideas

1. Volunteer in your community

The more, the better!

2. Sports in the park

A friendly game of frisbee amidst friends is possibly one of the best ways to become more comfortable with someone.

3. Go on a picnic

There is never a quiet moment when people come together to eat

4. Go rock climbing

For those who lack the necessary upper body strength or tolerance for heights, maybe reconsider.

5. Go skydiving

Okay so definitely not a first date idea, but if you think about it, dating is simple when there are life-and-death situations involved.

6. Host a campfire

Roasting marshmallows and cuddling around a campfire with some of your closest pals and your significant other are the types of moments you remember most.

7. Play Dungeons and Dragons

For all you nerds out there, this is the perfect way to geek out while having a great time with your friends.

8. Take an improv class

You never know how crazy things could get!

9. Escape room escapades

Invite some friends and show off your genius for your date

10. Host a water balloon/water gunfight

There’s nothing more heartwarming than catching sight of a group of full-grown adults shamelessly pelting each other with water balloons in the park.

11. Host a Nerf war

Okay, so the childish shenanigans just get bigger and better. As long as you don’t cause a public disturbance (or at least only a minor one), you should have a blast with this date idea.

12. Start a prank war

If you and the other couple are on good terms, there’s no end to the number of hilarious shenanigans you can pull on each other.

13. Mission: Impossible

Make two lists of random tasks (i.e., find three payphones, buy ice cream from an ice cream truck, etc.), distribute them to both couples, and make a competition out of it.

14. Go to a shooting range

Make sure to stay very, VERY safe in the presence of live ammunition. Oh, and always shoot with someone certified present.

15. Archery

It can be a little nerdy, but also very fun!

16. Take your friends on a field trip

If you and your date know of someplace super cool and would love to share it, pack a picnic basket and get on the road.

17. Explore a national/state park

Maybe even spend a weekend camping with a few other couples.

18. Pool your money, rent a boat, and get out on the open water for a weekend

If you’re younger, this is probably unrealistic. But if you’ve got the resources, this is a great way to relax with your coupled friends and your sweetheart.

19. Play disc golf

You can usually find these courses at a nearby park, and they’re a great way to spend the afternoon hanging out with friends for cheap.

20. Bingo Night at the retirement home

Spend some time with your local elderly folk. Making them smile is one of the best ways you could spend your time together. Plus, they’re super cute and sweet.

21. Play card games

There are some pretty intense card games out there.

22. Host a salsa making competition

That’s right, couple against couple. Who is the zestiest of them all?

23. Clean up litter in a public place

If you can get enough people in on this date, it can turn into a massively rewarding endeavor.

24. Pokemon Go!

Okay, so it takes some very close friends that already know how weird you are to be down for this one.

25. Tie-dye t-shirts

This is a super fun and colorful way to spend a summer evening with a group of your pals and your significant other.